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Lipoma or soft tisse tumor?

The other day I was looking down at my right thigh and I noticed a bulge at the top of thigh. I have been having some pain and numbess in this thigh last year. Then I noticed that the leg had an indent and a rather larger wouldnt say lump, its more of a swollen mass above knee about 3" and goes across the whole front of the leg maybe about 3". It feels rubbery but does not move, it moves with the skin. Dermatologist thinks its Lipomas? I thought lipomas were smaller and taller ball like tumors, this is more like a mass. Should I be worried. And why would I get two at the same time?
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and now I have one on the other leg....is it inflammation?
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Wow, lots of help on here. Ok had a MRI no masses or lesions. Dr said MRI was normal but to see a Dermatologist. The areas just look like huge hives on the thighs and I have a lot of thigh pain. MRI also said mild heterogeneity and enhancement of marrow signal within the proximal and fempral shafts, considered nonspecific. This may represent residual hematopoietic marrow, recommend correlation with CBC. which we did, C reactive and sed rate was 2-3 points above range (which have been creeping up the last few months) and RBC, hematocrit and hemoglobin were all at the last point of the range. Do I need to see a Oncologist?
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Hi dm,

I am new to this forum.  I am going through something similar, but with a mass/lump on my neck.  As for seeing an oncologist - did your primary doctor feel that you need to see one?  If the MRI showed no masses or lesions, that sounds like a good thing.  You could always consult with one and see what he/she thinks.  Sed rates and white blood cells will also show changes with infection (as far as I know).  I feel like no one knows your body better than you and if you are conflicted about your health, you should get a second opinion.

Good luck to you,

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well I had a biopsy done on the skin and they said for now they looked like subcutaneous lipomas. Did not end up going to oncologist, blood work was fine except slightly raised White blood cells, but I was just getting over a super bad abcessed tooth infection. As far as the lumps and indents on thighs they are still there and have not gotten better or worse. I did notice it took a really long time for the biopsy site to heal.
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