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Lump in mouth

I'm a 24YO female and I've had this very small lump on the inner jaw close to the bottom of my mouth for about 4 years. It's under the skin, it doesnt move and it feels like a cyst (I have one behind my ear). But I don't see anything when I look in the mirror and when I read about cysts inside the mouth it says you should see it and that you have to have it removed. Mine doesnt bother me it's just there but I was wondering if it should be something to worry about.

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Hi.  If that lump has been there for the past four years and hasn't grown in size or caused any other symptom, then it's most probably non-cancerous and should not be cause for worry.  That lump may either be a lymph node, or uncommonly, a thyroglossal duct cyst.  The thyroid gland, early in development, is located higher up in the neck, and comes down slowly through a tract as a person grows older.  Sometimes, this tract does not close completely and eventually fills up with fluid and becomes a cyst.  Thyroglossal duct cysts usually don't cause any symptoms unless they become infected, so there's no need to remove them immediately.
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