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Lump in my hand :/

On my right hand, just above my wrist there's a hard lump in my hand. Everyone says it's cos i'm so skinny & that my bones show but no one else has it there and my mum says she doesnt think that it's a bone. What could this be??
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Hi.  A hard lump in the wrist could be a ganglion cyst.  This condition happens when ligaments of the wrist are subjected to a lot of work.  The friction from repeated use of the wrist can cause the ligaments to develop a thickened portion, which appears as a lump.  If your wrist lump is causing symptoms (e.g. pain) or is progressively enlarging, it's probably best to have it examined by the doctor.
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Hi I have a lump on my left hand just below my pinkie finger. I have had it for years and it has never caused me any trouble should I still get it checked out?
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me too. I noticed last night that I have a small bump above my wrist on the right hand on the left side of my wrist. it almost feels like a bone. If  press hard enough it hurts. but it doesnt cause me any pain otherwise.
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