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Lump on right side just below armpit

You'll have to excuse me, I am becoming somewhat of a hypochondriac these days, but this lump has been in this location for nearly a year, if not over a year. I should have paid it more attention then I admit, but for some reason it would only cross my mind for a while and I would tend to other matters. Recently, my lump crossed my mind and I did some research. And lymphoma is concerning me. I looked up the symptoms and I'm afraid I have several of them. Specifically, night sweats (although they're not happening as frequently as they used to) and itchiness in specific areas of the body (my armpits, behind my knees and around my back). I was nearly in tears the other night as I saw this and I was pacing frantically. Are my suspicions right? Or am I being paranoid? Either way, what could this lump be? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Get it check out, immediately.
And, consider having the lump biopsied.  
My mother's health issues started that way.
First, a swollen lymph node along the right side of her neck;
then, drenching night sweats plus a peculiar rash with severe non-stopping
itch all over her body but mostly on her waist, chest area, her back and
buttocks. After several diagnostic tests and seeing countless specialists,
another swollen lymph node developed... this time, on the right side of her
armpit. The diagnosis after a surgical biopsy: Hodgkin's Disease.
So, please... don't put this off longer... see a doctor.

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God, I don't want to sound like I'm making up excuses for myself, but the itchiness doesn't happen frequently and it's not severe, my night sweats, I notice, only happen when I'm covered completely by my comforter... Your post is scaring me silly right now. I'm afraid I can't seek immediate help, no money whatsoever. May I ask how is your mother now?
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Doing a bit more research, I believe that I could possibly have a benign lipoma. At least I really, really hope I do. Since this lump is not exactly on my underarm, it is on my side below my underarm, I PRAY that it is a benign lipoma. I only need assurance. Please someone assure me of this. None of my lymph glands are swollen. I feel lively, despite this horror of the suspicion of cancer. I'm sorry, I just will not stand to have cancer. I will be incredibly angry, rather than sad, if I do. I don't believe that I am so unfortunate as to have cancer in my life as well. I have too much of a beautiful outlook on life to be afflicted with such a thing. I'm so sorry for venting like this, but I just do not believe it and won't stand for it if it's true.
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Sorry, didn't mean to scare you... only, to make you think.
My concern is that you don't minimize or ignore important symptoms.
It's quite possible that what you have is of a benign origin... perhaps,
something is triggering your immune system (like an infection); thereby,
creating the condition which you described. But, you're guessing; and, you
don't really know. Only diagnostic testing ordered by a physician can confirm
or eliminate Cancer as a possibility.
If you don't have medical insurance or the finances, why not seek assistance
from a local health clinic. They offer medical services, often on a walk-in basis,
at little or no cost to the patient.  
As for my mom, she's in remission for the Hodgkin's Disease. But, she now has
a low grade or non-aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
Healthwise, it's a struggle for an 80 year old lady.
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Thanks. It is definitely making me think. I'm trying not to completely ignore cancer and other possiblilities, but everything seems to have a valid explanation and I'm only trying to be positive. As of now, I only have one symptom of lymphoma and that is the slight itch that I have. I only hope that it doesn't gradually increase in severity. But come to think, I do have a cut underneath my toe that is relatively new. It's possible it could have been infected perhaps. Thanks for your responses, I appreciate them. Hope your mom gets well soon.
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I don't want to scare you but I had a lump under my arm just below the armpit.  My doctors assured me it was a lipoma. I wanted a biopsy after getting a ct scan was inconclusive. The surgeon said I should just remove it.  To everyone's suprise it turned out to be lymphoma, non-hodkins. marginal zone lymphoma to be exact. I am told it is a slow growing form that can be treated fairly easily. If it was up to my doctors I would have done nothing about it. Its really up to you to be proactive. Good luck.
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Thanks for your response. How are you doing now, if I may ask? My lump is more on the side of my chest near my back area than it is below my armpit. The last week or so, I've just become a serious hypochondriac and last week I was generally in a malaise and I was just feeling uneasy. Now, I'm really calm surprisingly and feeling like I did before all of this concern. Oh, and the itch seems to have subsided which is putting me more at ease, but I'm definitely watching over myself and my body now more than ever and won't hesitate to pay the doctor a visit.
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