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Lump on side of foot....

Hi, I'm a 29 year old female. About a month ago, I noticed a small cyst or lump on the side of my right foot below my ankle. It feels a little bigger than a pea. I have twisted the ankle a couple of times in a certain pair of flip flops I have. When I push in on the lump, it is kind of firm and feels "boney." I seen a dermatologist about it, but she said it felt "boney" and not of the skin. She felt it was a little small to be a ganglion cyst, but really didn't know what it was. She suggested seeing a PCP or orthopedic doctor. I really don't know what kind of doctor I should start with. I'm hoping it is something benign, but if not, I don't wanna have something biopsied that could be malignant. Any ideas as to what kind of lump this probably is? Where should I start first as far as doctors go? Thanks....
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Your description seems to suggest that this lump may be a callosity caused due to improper footwear leading to chronic friction or injury at the ankle. You should use comfortable footwear preferably with padding for the affected area. Avoid wearing heels and ill-fitting shoes. You can also use petroleum jelly or glycerine over the affected area. You can probably consult a general physician for now to check the swelling and rule out something more serious. If the lesion persists or increases despite these measures, a biopsy/FNAC may be indicated.
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Ok, thanks, I will do that. :)
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