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Lumps in my Neck

First of all I'm a 21 year old male, and I don't drink or smoke.

Last July I got a new job and I was working in an old building possibly mold inside the walls. I was there about a month when I noticed a swollen lymph node under my left ear. I freaked and immediately went and saw a Dr. His diagnosis was Sinusitis. I was given a round of anti-biotics, but it didn't help. So I went and got a second opinion, and this guy wanted to run some blood test. He did and everything came back fine.

Finally I was able to see my main doctor, and she believed it was all due to allergies as the inside of my nose, was very red. So I left and thought nothing more of it. Well I went to see her again 3 months later on my regular physical check-up, and it was still there. So she wanted to run a CT scan, just to be safe. It came back as an enlarged node over 2 cm with other small enlargements in my neck as well. I was sent to see a general surgeon the very next day.

The thing is the node finally started going down after 6 months of being enlarged! However, a couple of weeks later two more popped up in my neck one on each side and they're pretty symmetrical. They're not rock hard, I'd say firm, but defintely movable to the sides. They also seem to shrink and grow almost every day. Like one day they feel bigger, and the next some what smaller.

I've had a constant runny nose the entire time as well. My throat is somewhat red and has been for months as well, but it doesn't hurt at all. Not to swallow or anything, just red. However, the last month and a half I've had two tiny bumps pop up on my top gums as well, not too far from my wisdom teeth area, and they too are almost symmetrical one on each side. They don't when the tongue touches them, but are painful to the touch of my finger. When I move my tongue over them it sounds like I can hear a little popping sound.

I'm 6 ft tall only 131 LBs, but I've actually gained 9 LBs the last 3 months, so it's not like this is affecting my weight or anything. I don't have night sweats or anything. Pretty much I feel fine, but I know something is going on with my body for this to keep happening.

Any Ideas?
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Thanks for the comment. I'd like to say the ones in my neck are extremly movable, and seem to get bigger and smaller. I can push them too the left side of my neck anytime. I'm getting more worried because of these mouth bumps, and now what feels like a hard spot in my armpit. Everything I do goes against it though. I'm not losing weight, I'm gaining weight. I don't have night sweats, or chronic fatigue. Everything is pretty much just there, and I seem to live a normal life.
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I'm no medical expert but I've been all over the web in the past few weeks, researching some issues I've been having - including a knot behind my ear.

The overall opinion I get from reading studies and quality sites is that (1) you should monitor the enlarged lymph nodes and see a doctor if they continue to stay enlarged or if they get bigger.  More importantly, if the knot/node is firm and doesn't glide from side-to-side easily, it could be malignant and should be evaluated.

I've had my "knot" or enlarged node for several days now but only noticed it a day ago.  I plan to contact my physician tomorrow.

Good luck.
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I'd also like to add, i have hard spots in my armpits that feel different than my neck. They don't feel like nodes, but I don't know. I just started noticing these the last couple of days
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