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Lymph node that doesn't go away help pls

Thank you for giving me a response any response is welcome. And sorry for my English I am not a native speaker.
Last Month I ve started anti rabies vaccine (5 shots). And after two days from the second shot I felt a burning sensation in my throat. The next day I felt a swollen lymph node in my neck (right side).I went to the doctor and he said that's normal reaction to the vaccine. I went to other doctor and he said it's not a vaccine reaction and maybe it's an respiratory infection (so confused). Another doctor said if it doesn't go after one week from the last shot you should return. Now it have been one week from the last shot and the lymph node is still their. It's not movable and little painful when I press it. Please any information is welcom I spent hours and hours on the net looking for vaccine reactions and found people with a persistent lymph node for years...
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You can have a reactive lymph node.  After the TDAPP vaccine, I had a reactive lymph node.  It blew up and stayed swollen for 3 months.   If your doctor is telling you it is a reaction, why do you not trust them?  If you are an anxiety sufferer then I would consider treating the anxiety.
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I am suffering from hypochondria this month. I am looking for HIV symptoms after oral sex exposure STDs symptoms and swollen lymph node symptoms. I don't want to take anxiety medicines because it have many side effects. I just want to do tests for peace of my mind. Thank you for your replay
Just want to clarity. It's not TDAP vaccine. It's an anti rabies vaccin. I received it when a monkey Bit me after one week from my oral sex exposure
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