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Lymphoma presenting on the breast?

In March I discovered a swollen lump about the size of a grape on my left breast.  It is on my aereola next to the nipple.  It is a little red, swollen and warm to the touch.  It somewhat resembles a swollen bug bite.  It does not hurt and is not tender.  About a week before I discovered the lump I found a swollen lump under my left armpit but it went away after a couple of days.  I went to my doctor who thought it was probably mastitis because it was so close to the surface of the skin.  He recommended warm damp compresses on my breast several times a day for two weeks.  He said if it didn't help then I should see a surgeon.  It did not go away so I went to see a general surgeon.  He too thought it may be mastitis or some sort of infection and tried me on a bout of strong antibiotics for a week.  The antibiotics didn't work either so he did a punch biopsy of the lump and was told to come back in a week for the results.  On Monday I went in to see him for the results and was told that they think it may be Lymphoma but they still are not 100% certain.  He said they are wanting to send it off and run more tests on the sample.  He said it still could come back as a very resistant infection but to be prepared as it may not.  He informed he that he was putting me on their "cancer board" where other cancer specialists and pathologists will discuss my case.  He also said he was basically stumped because this is not breast cancer but it is presenting on the breast.  He said he has never seen this before.  Has anyone heard of lymphoma presenting on the breast?  From what I have read lymphoma is not easy to diagnose.  If this does come back as lymphoma, how certain can they be that the diagnoses is right?  Is there a lot of room for error?   Should I get a second opinion?
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What were the biopsy results? I've had MALT lymphoma in the breast. It's not common but others on the nhl-MALT@yahoogroups actually have had it too.

hugs, Carol
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Well, not good.  It came back as NHL (follicular center origin).  I'm still being staged but grade is 1 or 2 (Indolent).  I was told it is rare to see it presented in the breast also.  Mine has the t14 and 18 markers that distinguishes itself as follicular.  Thanks for asking.  

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Just be sure you have doctors who are very familiar with low-grade (indolent) lymphomas. Lymphomas are not treated like other cancers. I had MALT in my breasts, not follicular, so I don't know about it first-hand, but I do know that second opinions are always a good idea, too.
hugs, carol
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