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Lymphoma symptoms and worried?

Sorry I'm a first timer and a little nervous. I'm a 33 yr old white male.
Within the past year I had my gallbladder taken out and appendix..
I recently went to the doctor to get blood work and he never looked
At it therefore I asked for a copy myself. The bloodwork that has me
Nervous is.
ALP.     323.   High
AST.     348.   H
ALT.     316.   H
Total billirubin.  .5.    H
Albumin.           3.6.  L
Total protein is  5.0.  L
WBC.                3.0    L
Lymphocytes.   510 with 13%.    Low
Neutraphills.     2010.       68%
Monocytes.       200.        8%
Esinophils.        179.        6%
Basophils.         40.          1%

The reason I went to the doctors was severe fatigue, decrease appetite,
Went from 205 lbs to 165 lbs in 6 months, severe sweating throughout
The day, sudden acne on forehead, pain in middle of my back on right
Side, one swollen lymphnode on neck not severe just enough to notice
It's swollen, itchy all over body especially at night. My last complaint was
I lost my drive to do anything, I used to be very active and I just feal blah.
I have another appt today with a new doctor today. I would appreciate any
Advice, opinions, or what you think. After doing research lymphoma was
Popping up in all my searches which lead me to this board thanks
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Hi, normal values for AST is 0-35, ALT is 4-36, ALP is 30-120 and Total bilirubin is 0.3 to 1.9 mg/dL. These values are markedly raised. They spill over into the bloodstream when the liver cells are damaged. So, it could indicate a liver pathology. This could be causing your symptoms. The cause for the raised levels needs to be determined. This is done with the help of blood tests like hepatitis panel to rule out an infective pathology, ultra sonogram and if need be, biopsy of liver will help to clinch the diagnosis. If you can get back to me with the diagnosis, I will be able to elaborate further. Regards.
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