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Last fall my Doctor referred me to a Dermatologist regarding questionable moles.  Less than a week after my dermatologist appt where they biopsied 4 of my most suspect moles, I was contacted by the Dermatologist's office about an abnormal result.  They requested that I come in the next day to take more of the mole.  When I stated it would be best for me to come in the next week, they then told me that I "basically" had Stage 3 Melanoma and it was important that I returned ASAP.  I went in the next day, where the doctor again told me that I "basically" had Stage 3 Melanoma, but because it is highly curable if they get all of it, he was not going to classify it as Melanoma for insurance purposes.  He gave no other name or classification for it.  Because of my dark brown hair, he said that my body can make melanin, but my immune system is failing at keeping the melanin under control.  I asked what else I could do besides more sunscreen, and the only advice given (as he was walking out the door) was to "stay in the shade".   They got a larger portion of skin and the next week contacted me to tell me that they got all of it.  I guess I hadn't really been concerned about it because the doctor didn't seem concerned (and because they removed all of it).  I guess I was just wondering if a) I should be concerned about the melanoma (online searching doesn't seem so positive on "Stage 3 Melanoma", so I question if that is what I really had), b) if there WAS anything I could do (nutrition, etc) to help prevent any more of my moles becoming abnormal, and c) if I should find a different doctor.  I guess I just felt that they were a little bit vauge about, well, everything.  Any suggestions would be helpful, my "before summer hits" checkup with the dermatologist is in 3 weeks.  
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I was disgusted after the dermatologists office would check my whole body out and everything was fine - but did one biopsy  on top of head - (had a tiny lump for 20 years which started out as a tick bite) - a small MOHS surgery  - but no one checked my whole head - now I have another spot two months after the first surgery?? - right next to it?? - Co-worker had same thing happen - "we didn't quite get it all" - kept going back then went to another dermatologist  - I did same thing  where he checked my scalp completely - I take two out of three opinions if there is any doubt in my mind.  It is my body - and I am responsible for it.  
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Stage 3 Melonoma is very very bad.....are you sure you heard him right.  There must be some kind of error in this.  Check it out again ASAP and get copy of all your biopsys and reports of all.  Are you getting Chemo?
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