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My CA19-9 is 44.87 U/Ml, please advise I scared of Cancer

Recently got blood test done in which CA 19-9 was slightly elevated 44.87 U/Ml. Got ultrasound of abdomen done which was normal except enlarged liver stage 1 and cholestrosis of GB. Mammogram was also normal. Today going for repeat CA 19-9 test from different lab. If it's normal then it will be fine but if it will be high then Doctor told to go for CT SCAN TRIPLE PHASE WHOLE ABDOMEN. I don't know whether I have cancer or its just a False positive. Please advise.
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CA19-9 is a tumor marker. High levels of CA 19-9 may be seen with pancreatic cancer, but this is nonspecific, and may be seen with other noncancerous disorders, including cirrhosis and gallstones. Healthy people can have small amounts of CA 19-9 in their blood. Because elevated CA 19-9 can mean different things, guidelines from the American Society of Clinical Oncology discourage the use of CA19-9 to screen for or diagnose cancer. The main use of CA19-9 is help monitor the progress of known cancer and the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

CT abdomen triple phase is an cross-sectional imaging test tailored to evaluate for lesions in the liver and/or pancreas. It includes a precontrast, postcontrast arterial, and postcontrast venous phase. If your CA19-9 remains persistently elevated, this is a reasonable approach to take. Good luck!
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