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My Dad Has Cancer. :-(

My Dad, 67 has NSCLC was found on a routine check up Jan 2012, it has spread to other locations, not the bones or spine as of yet. He also has Hep C, and Cirrhosis. On 8/29 they pumped his belly of extra fluid, they called it Ascites. And right after that they changed his meds to Avastin, once on the Avastin, which has been about 3 weeks now, and only one dose, he has been pretty much bed ridden. This is very hard for my Dad for he was always very active. He is talking about ending all treatment because he doesn't want to spend his last days in the bed. Question is A. If he stops all meds now, will he bounce back enough to get up and do something before death? B. How long does he have left really? His doc's never tell us anything except only god knows. But I feel they have some knowledge, they see this everyday. Back in the start, they told my Dad a year without meds, but 9mos later with meds..what are we looking at?
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Hey girl, it's me!  Doctors, in my mind, always have some idea.  It's hard for me to give an opinion on the drugs v no drugs.  My dad was too far gone that no treatment was offered to him.  I can understand your dad wanting to live the rest of him time without feeling too sick or being bedridden.  I really have no answers, just wanted to write something here because I care & wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you & your Dad.  Try to get answers from the medical staff, & then go with what your Dad wants.  It's a really hard ask, because all we want is to keep our loved ones with us, whatever the cost.  But your Dad needs to have some quality of life for as long as he can & there's no point in him taking meds to prolong his life if it means he will be bedridden.  What you need to find out is how the disease will progress if he is on limited meds.  My heart aches for you dear friend.  Big hugs & love to you!!!  XOXOXO
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In my opinion, his prognosis sounds poor and not promising especially if has already presented with Ascites.  

It would difficult to say how long he would have with and without treatment, however, I have seen some patients deteriorate faster with treatment.  I am not sure if his being "bedridden" is related to the course of his disease or is related to this treatment or both.  

Has the physician talked with your dad in detail about his prognosis?  I know you stated the physician doesn't tell "us" much.  This physician should be able to give some kind of time frame.  

"Back in the start, they told my Dad a year without meds, but 9mos later with meds..what are we looking at?"........from my experience and after reading your post it doesn't sound like a long time left.  

I would recommend you/your family and your dad request a time to talk to this physician in detail about what exactly is going on here.  

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Thanks to you both, My Dad passed on 10/20/12.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, may God be with you and your family.
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Oh, missienal.....I am so sorry for your loss.  Is that him in the picture?  That's a precious picture.  

Again, so sorry dear.  

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