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Mystery Pain... Cancer, Heart problems, or what?

Everytime I do a self breast exam on my left breast, it is always associated with a high level of pain. But, I have a number of other issues which must be considered.

First, I have a large hardened mystery bump above my Left breast and between my clavicle bone. One dr. said it was heart valve, one dr. said it was misplaced rib, and two others shook their heads seeing and feeling this bump, saying they did not know what but could see and feel it clearly. They said the've never seen anything like it.

Then, a breast exam puts pain on this mystery spot, which sends shooting pain down my left arm. Also there are diagnosed cysts in that Left breast per mammograms. And towards the end of long painful mystery bump is my underarm. The Left breast area is hard in that area and painful on the mystery bump, and on the side next to and under my underarm/breast. Under my Left arm is a large painful to the touch bump, but it matches my other underarm. Only the Left breast/underarm area has pain, the other underarm does not. The pain feels severe, and will not go away for hours once disturbed. I feel it when putting on deodorant, or doing a cancer breast exam.

I have a hard time breathing at times. The same side, my Left. I feel as if my left lung is not inflating as much. I take several short painful breaths, when I notice it, it seems worse and almost impossible to breathe. I don't know what to think of it all. I am not a hypochondriac. I often vomit days or weeks at a time. I have acid reflux at night, and sometimes inhale stomach fluids in my sleep, waking me to choking and almost passing out from fluid in my lungs. My husband has told me I sometime stop breathing in my sleep. I know I take or inhale shallow breaths, even in my sleep. I dream I am drowning, and wake up out of breath.

I have Diabetes, which is hard to control. I'm on 2 tabs w/meal, twice a day. I've lately had yeast infection 6 weeks on antibiotics the entire time. I spent 28 days in August vomiting, and some in Sept. Years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction (CFS) and Fibromyalgia. I have a military injury, a Left shoulder which partially dislocates everyday, causing arm pain, numbness, tingling, loss of feeling and movement in that arm. I also have neck pain.

I don't want to try to diagnose myself. But doctors can't help, but not from concern. I don't trust the mammographies in the past. They said I was cancer free, unless I had pain. I told them I had pain, which is why I asked for the mammogram. I'm a year+ past due for another, as I've denied self care lately to look over my dying mother 1400 miles away, who recently died of lung cancer.

I have a painful (visible) bump on the same Left arm, the size of a teaspoon. Pressing on it shoots pain up my arm in to my head. I almost black out when pressed on that small spot just right. One doctor said they did not know what this bump was, the other said it was a fat gland. But no test to examine it taking samples of tissue and looking under a microscope. About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer when doing routine pap smear. The VA test came back positive, they did two separate unsuccessful procedures before a third said I was good to go. Ultimately they scraped me out, and sprayed the internal area with something to kill the cancer. A final followup test later that month said I still had cancer cells, but the VA specialist doctor said not enough cancer cells on the sample to officially call it cancer anymore. (No radiation or chemo).

I sometimes get small mouth sores, which go away. Seems when they are bad, all I can do is sleep. But my CFS keeps me in bed plenty for that. Often my urine is white and strong smelling. I'm on meds for pain, headache, inflammation, sore muscles, pain receptacle blocker, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and diabetes. (to name a few). I try to take the pain med at half dosage as needed, the rest I take as prescribed. I've wondered if too much medicine is making me sick? I was sickly growing up, hospitalized as a child for Asthma and Bronchitis, and sometime have low blood pressure, as well as low blood sugar (even though I was diagnosed with high BP, and high BS/Diabetes).

I've have 4 TMI Mini Strokes and hospitalized 6 days for two of them. (approx. Nov., Dec. 2012, and Jan. Feb. 2013). The first TMI lasted 45 minutes, second lasted 2 hours. The third lasted 5 hours (hospitalized for third and fourth) and my fourth TMI lasted 16 hours, both times I was hospitalized 3 days each. I've not had a TMI in 7 months. But plenty wrong, although I hate to complain. My eyesight is terrible, and the VA said they agree but can't do anything until my Diabetes is cleared up.

Is this too much stuff on this website, to expect feedback? If not, please offer suggestions. And I'm very appreciative  for your help. I just ask you to please be kind. Being chronically ill kinda kills your self esteem. I don't ask to be sick, and can't help it. It is too much for most people to deal with, or hear about. That is why I learned to keep my mouth shut about being sick years ago. I am even upbeat talking to my doctors. I learned people get sick and tired of people who are sick and tired. They ask how you are doing, but don't want to be bothered by your answer. So for years, that is why I just smile and say I'm fine when anyone asks. I try to change the subject, knowing I'm lying to them or to myself. I'm only asking for help this once, because my mother just died of cancer two months ago, and my mother in-law was diagnosed with cancer this week. My mother died 6 months after being diagnosed. I'm worried perhaps something might be getting worse, not being properly diagnosed? Under my arm, it sure feels that way. It is large, and painful, and hurts to the touch. Please don't make it painful to talk about too.

Thank you very much.
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well I know from having a diabetic sister that is the cause for your urine discoloration and as for the lump causing you such pain and worry--why don't you just opt for having a surgeon remove it. It should be removed anyhow if it was cancer and if it turns out it isn't--all the better for you because the thing cauing you so much pain will be gone at least--right? I would demand--not ask--to have this lump removed and biopsied and find out once and for all what the heck it is cause the docs sure as heck don't seem to have any answers for you. Sometimes we need to take our own health into our own hands and just demand to have it removed. Not knowing could be causing your a lot of stress and that alone will do you the most harm. Stress causes all sorts of bodily ailments in its own right.This lump could be entangled on some nerve endings in your arm pit causing you much pain elsewhere in your body. I cant see why this shouldn't be your first course of action. At least it wont be a guessing game for you or the docs anymore and your other ailments might just mysteriously go away with this painful thing removed?? What have you got to loose---just pain--right? I wish you much luck and I wish you peace of mind and spirit and you go along in your quest to find answers. Best wishes.
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