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Naturopathic Cures?

Are there any success stories out there regarding naturopathic treatments for Stage 4 PC?
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Hi.  As far as I know, there are no naturopathic treatments which are effective for pancreatic cancer, much less for Stage 4 of this disease.  There are of course, any number of claims about the efficacy of this or that substance or herbal concoction, but evidence presented to bolster these claims usually are in the nature of testimonials, and cannot stand up to rigorous scientific testing. Just think: if someone has truly discovered a cure for pancreatic cancer, that person would be rich by now, and the news about the treatment would certainly make it to the front page of leading newspapers.  But this has not yet happened, precisely because no satisfactory treatment for the advanced stages of this disease has yet been found.
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Testimonials work for me!  That's what I'm looking for!  As for someone getting rich off a cure, isn't it true they'd have to have a patent to do that?  If the cure is a commonly used herb, they'd be unable to secure such a patent, right?  As for "rigorous scientific testing" the same monetary incentive applies, would it not?  Without the monetary incentive that pharmaceutical companies have for patented drugs, there is little chance that the testing required to obtain a patent would be done.

It is precisely because the medical community offers no hope that I am looking at alternative forms of treatment.
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Hi.  Thank you for your comments.  I am not discouraging you from exploring any alternative cures.  The medical establishment does not have all the answers to the problem of cancer.  This is why medical research continues so we all may have better and more effective treatments for this disease.  What I wish to caution against are treatments which claim to be a panacea or cure-all for cancer, of which there are too many out there.  Thoroughly study the evidence which are used to back up those claims, and good luck on your search!
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there's a big conspiracy at work in the medical world, the government, pharmaceutical companies and food industries not let people know of many successful alternative cures because they will lose all their profits if many people will know the best cure without drugs or surgery - just using supplements and natural food to boost immune system in a wholistic approach.  hav u ever heard them encourage people on that route, especially sick people.  all u offer are drugs and surgeries that are many times unnecessary.

and many medical doctors themselves have admitted - you only had 2 1/2 hour in nutrition medicine to really have the authority on anything about nutrition medicine.  Even Aristotle voice echoes in our present time - let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

claiming success in alternative is difficult in a world ruled by medical people like you.  you are actually the most legal drug pushers the world cannot escape bec u r authorize to drag innocent people into surgery and drugs even if u know very well its unnecessary.

u earn out of people's life, not to make it better- but to make their health a lot more complicated, a slave to maintanance drugs - and actually create more health problems later.

there is Someone Up There to whom you will all be held accountable.  Its a shame you are part of the conspiracy against human race..  

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