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Neck Issue

I've recently noticed a lump on my neck and I would like a little analysis before I go to my doctor. The lump is touching(But not attached) to the bottom of my jaw line, on my right side. It's about a little smaller than a golf ball, and I've been feeling a little pain/discomfort whenever I maneuver my neck across it(When it gets pinched). I can feel that it is not connected to any muscle, tissue or bone, as I can move it slightly from it's spot. I am an 18-year old male, I'm in fairly good shape physically, and I have no knowledge of any issues like this in my past.

I am going to see my doctor, but since that will take me a couple of days to arrange I would just like an idea of what this may be, and whether I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill.
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Though nothing can be said with surety without a detailed clinical examination and relevant investigations - you need to understand that there are non cancerous conditions that can cause such features.

You should relax and not panic. This could be submandibular or sbmental lymph nodes or skin nodules etc.

Do you have any sore throat or features of upper respiratory tract infection?

Let us know what your doctor tells you and post us if you have any doubts.

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