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Necrotic lymph node

About 6 months ago I noticed a bump on my throat... now it is over 2 cm and so I went to the Doc. They did labs and a CT scan. The only comment I could get as a result of these tests were that: I am anemic (but not badly) and that it is a lymph node that is necrotic. I then went to an ENT and they did a needle biopsy. While getting the procedure I heard the pathologist whisper to the Doc that the cells were "neoplastic". This really did not and does not mean much to me and my Doctor is out of town for the next 10 days. I have an appointment where they will discuss the results with me... but for now I want to know more... What are the options here? When I persisted in asking the Doc. I begged him to tell me what the result could be in general terms-- what his best guess is... The only thing he said was that the results will show where the originating neoplasm is coming from.
I am afraid this means that it is malignant, is it possible that there could be a non-cancerous cause at this stage still?
I feel like 10 days is so long away and I just want to know what the possible or most likely cause of the swollen/necrotic lymph node (neck) can be -- besides cancer. If cancer is the likely cause what type is most statistically probable for a 45 yrs old, non-smoking woman.
There is no pain (prior to the biopsy-- now there is a bruise and tenderness), no fevers, no drastic weight loss, ... I am always low energy (common state for me) and that has not increased or decreased.
If you can just give some insight that would be great-- I would appreciate it so much.
Thank you

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