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New moles apearing again

Back in 1999 I was sunburned pretty badly. It was the second time I had severly been burned that I needed medical attention. (I know I was younger and dumber).

A few weeks after I was burned I developed a very fast growing mole. Within five weeks it had grown over a quarter of an inch wide, was black, blue, and red and protruded from my skin further than it was wide. It also bled a lot.

I had it removed and the skin under it as well.. my derm did not think it had penatrated my skin much. He said he was going to send it off for a biopsy, but when my wife called back to get the result, the doctor's office had no results.

A few months later I developed a testicular cyst that my uro said he would keep an eye on. He said later not to worry about it. But no biopsy or blood test was done either.

Over the past few months I have been developing new moles that are very dark but not raised. They look like large ink dots with very thin red borders. They are only developing on my stomach, legs, and ankles.

I am making an appointment with a new derm.

I am 40 now so I am wondering why I am developing these new moles so fast. I have two people very close to me who are dealing with Stage 4 and Stage 3 cancer. Both were dismissed by doctors for over six months before the cancers were caught. My gf's tumor was over 15 pounds, and the other tumor was wrapped around a two year olds colon- it was larger than a tennis ball.

What would be the best doctor for me to see to make sure what I have is not cancerous? I am afraid of wasting my time with another derm. My dad and his parents all developed cancer at my age and all three had very aggressive tumors.
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l also have been breaking out in moles...hundreds of them all in one day.  some of them are light brown, some brown, some very dark brown.  Most of them are very small and look like little ink blots.  some are larger but not as big as the head of a pencil eraser.  also mine are flat but do not have thin red borders.  l also have no faith in dermotologists.  lf you do find a good one please let me know though.  l am nervous about what is going on with my body.  lt must be something internally that has caused all these moles to appear so suddenly.  please let me know if you find anything out since you are the first person who has anything even remotely similar to what l am expieriencing.  thank you
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I understand what you are going through.
There are people who easily get sun burn even on short exposure to sunlight.
These people are at risk to develop skin cancers.
I agree with your decision to seek consult with another dermatologist.  
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Have had similar flare-up of moles on stomach and thighs over the last few years.  Was wondering if you've discovered any answers since posting this (know it's been awhile)?  Thank you.
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