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Night Sweats from Lymphoma

My friend was just diagnosed with Lymphoma.  She had breast cancer 10 years ago.  She is having a very hard time with night sweats and it unable to get adequate rest.  She is having radiation treatments every other day.  On the day she has radiation, the night sweats are worse.  Does anyone know what can help with the night sweats?  She is also starting to get nausea.  What is good for nausea while receiving radiation?  

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How are you?  Do you know specifically the type of your friend’s lymphoma?  Is she only on radiation therapy or is she receiving systemic treatment?
Sweating is one of the B symptoms of lymphoma.  This would go away during treatment.  However, there are instances when the sweating persists during and even after treatment.  
As for the nausea, she may take metoclopramide or granisetron.  She should also inform her doctor of the side effects being experienced.
Good luck.      
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Thank you for your comment.  I have not asked my friend what type of lymphoma she has been diagnosed with yet.  She is receiving only radiation for 6 weeks first.  Not sure what kind of additional treatment she will need after.  The Lymphoma is in the glands in her back.  The night sweats are worse on the days that she has radiation which is ever other day.  

I will pass on to her your helpful information.
Thank you.

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I am going through a whole bunch of tests for lymphoma was wondering how your friend got the diagnosis of lymphoma?
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sorry im not sure who posted the question was it you deb or encephalo?
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My friend had strep and the antibiotics were not helping.  She got red oval spots on her legs.  Her legs were also aching bad.  Those were her only symptoms. The Pet scan diagnosed her.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  

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I put Encephalomalcia in as a name because I was having a hard time coming up with something that do not already exist.  I had to get my question in quickly on the heart site, because my mom was in the hospital and all her organs shut down after heart surgery.  She passed away Sept 3rd.  I have been in the medical field a good share of my work life and have worked with a lot of doctors.  Almost everyone on my dad's side of the family has got cancer and some on my mom's side.  I made a list one day and it was around 75 people, 50 family, 25 friends that have had cancer.  

Have you just being tested now to see if you have Lymphoma or is it positive?  Lymphoma is curable and everyone I know so far has survived.  Their treatment was radiation and chemo.  

Take Care,

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