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Oesophageal polyps

I had a gastroscopy two days ago because of pain behind my belly button. They found that I had an inflamed duodenum, and an inflamed oesophagus (I do get heartburn on a fairly regular basis).

However they also found what they said was a polyp at 25cm in the oesophagus. I have a picture of it and it just looks like a round raised bump  which with the naked eye looks like it's composed of the exact same tisue as the surrounding tissue. A bit like a swelling but almost perfectly round - just VERY slightly pointed towards the top. It's almost like a large spot you might have on your skin (shape wise). They didn't give me any indications as to it's size (and there are none on the written report), however they told me at the time that they removed the whole thing, and sent it for biopsy. Results are due back in about 6 weeks - a long time to wait.

I am slightly worried as my aunty passed away from cancer of the oesophagus four years ago. She had an adenocarcinoma. She was only 40. I am 35 (female).

I can find very little information on oesophageal polyps, and the lady who did the procedure also told me that they are rare.

I have three questions :

1. Is a polyp the same thing as a tumour (just located in the digestive system rather than an organ). Or is the diffference between a polyp and a tumour more to do with size ?

2. Can you tell from either my description, or from statistics, what the chances are of it being cancerous ?

3. If it is shown to be benign, what is the liklihood of more developing - and will I need to be monitored ?


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