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Oral cancer or Mucocele?


I have a little lump on the inside of my mouth on the right side of my lip.  I noticed it when I had a dentist appointment a a couple of weeks ago.  It seemed to be shrinking in size over the next few days and I felt relieved.  However, it seems to be returning to the size it was at the dentist.

My parents told me to use mouthwash for two weeks and if it doesn't go away, see the doctor.  I am just afraid that if it is oral cancer, those two weeks could be critical in the effecacy of treatment.

It looks more like mucocele then oral cancer.  How can I tell the difference between the two?  And will waiting two weeks to see if it goes away hurt me?  What signs should I be looking for in the next two weeks?
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Hello there,
A mucocele is a thin, fluid-filled sac appears on the inside of the lip. It is bluish and clear in appearance. It is painless and can occur on tongue, palate or inside of the cheek. If left untreated, however, they can organize and form a permanent bump on the inner surface of the lip. An oral cancer forms a deep, hard-edged crack in the tissue which may be dark in color or discolored. It is usually painless to begin with but may be painful in advanced stages.Mucocole causes the appearance of fluid filled sac while in oral cancer there is a crack or ulcer in the oral cavity. There are certain high risk factors like poor dental and oral hygiene, chronic irritation etc which predispose a person for developing oral cancer. A physical examination can help in differentiating between these to conditions. Seek the opinion of a physician .Do keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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