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Oral cancer symptoms?

I am a 20 year old male and have been smoking for 7 months now.I noticed a pale white patch on the roof of my mouth today.When i drank water i felt a sharp pain down my throat as if something was stuck.I went to my doctor who dismissed it as cancer.

But i am still worried sick as on the net,almost everything says white patches are highly likely to be cancer.

i took some pictures of my mouth and pls advice! Oh dear i am so worried right now.

For the first picture: At the back of my throat,there seem to be small red spots.anything unsual about those?

For the second picture:Above my finger,i have a small red pimple like thing.

The link is :

http:/ /s193.photobucket.com/albums/z173/anfieldr oad_2007/

Can the white patch be just the natural color of the palate or smth?
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An early sign of oral cancer may be a white patch (leukoplakia) or a red patch (erythroplakia) on the soft tissues of the mouth .While a dentist, physician or other medical professional may suspect a particular lesion is malignant, the only definitive method for determining this is through biopsy and microscopic evaluation of the cells in the removed sample. A tissue biopsy, whether of the tongue or other oral tissues, and microscopic examination of the lesion confirm the diagnosis of oral cancer.
Although cigarette smoking is associated with it as a risk factor, in your case the duration of smoking is too short a period to produce such a result. How-ever please do give it up in the interest of your good health.
Considering the fact that you have pain while swallowing it is probably a bacterial infection.A course of anti-biotics should cure it.The palate is normally whitish in color.
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The sharp pain only lasted for that few hours.Since then till today,which is 2 days already,i have felt no pain at all. So far i saw another doctor today and he said its not cancer as well, but i dunno for some reason i have this fear set in me.


thats the correct link for the pics of my mouth.
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Hey guy... i was afraid of the same thing... my upper palate looks much the same, perhaps more 'white'.  But... you had 2 Dr say it wasn't... I had 2 as well...  4 different Dr... no biopsies?  no... not on me... not on you.  BUT... they see throats/mouths/palettes ALL DAY long... say ours looks 'normal'.  And the abovementioned poster who posted about the upper roof looking normally 'white'... kinda proves to me, perhaps you two, that we are FINE!  Though, like she said to you man, quit the smoking, because someday your fear may be some other kind of smoking-related cancer or something else.  Take care man, and we can BOTH rest assured that we are OK.  ttyl
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honestly i would keep an eye on your mouth. i had a white patch on my tongue for months eventually it started to grow. turned out my canker sore really was cancer. i'm 21 with no known risk factors.

luckily we caught it early and within a two months of diagnosis i am now cancer free. ask your dentist for an oral cancer mouth exam every time you get your teeth cleaned.  

if you have any doubts get it checkout.

and try and quit smoking...it's for your best interest.
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