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Ovarian Cyst and Thyroid Nodule...Related?

About three weeks ago during a regular check up w/ my gyn, he discovered a cyst on my left ovary. An ultrasound confirmed a 2.1X2.7 complex, septated cyst. I recieved a copy of the report from the lab and it also mentions that I have cystic changes in my endometrial lining. My gyn told me to make an appointment for a month and we will re-evalutate the cyst. Then just this week I went to an ENT to have my sinuses evaluated for chronic sinusitis and he discovered a Thyroid Nodule in my thyroid. I have an appointment this week for an u/s of my thyroid. I have a family history of colon cancer and thyroid disorders, hyper and hypo. I have almost all the characteristics of having Hypothyroidism, but only a year ago my TSH was normal. I was wondering if the two disorders could be related? If anyone has any insight or knowledge, I would most appreciate it...
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Well, both areas are governed by the same system.  They are both a part of the endocrine system.  I always had irregular periods, problems concieving, etc.  Then I found out I had hypothyroidism and one year later had a nodule that was cancer.  I also have had multiple problems with cysts.  My left ovary was actually taken out b/c it was, along with the tube, disconnected from my uterus (unicornate) and completely cyst filled.  Then since the cancer I have had multiple cysts on my right one, but completely managable.  

Probably not a whole lot of help, but that's what I know about it.

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Thanks for the input. Every little bit of information helps.
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I too found a 5 cm benign thyroid nodule at the same time I found a 2.3 cm simple cyst.  The cyst is still here since 2004.  The thyroid nodule was taken out in Feb 2006.  My US last week shows a septated cyst on the ovary.

I think it has to do alot with hormonal imbalance.  My weight swing is fast and often. It can be a 4-10 lbs swing to either side.
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Hi Prisslozzi,
I hope you don't mind me asking about your septated cyst. What has happened so far since your last post in April? Is it benign or malignant? Did you take it out?

I found 1 septated cyst on the other ovary last week and I am so scared of ovarian cancer.

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I have mulitiple cysts in my neck and just found out I have muitiple  ovarian cysts... How will they help me?Do I need surgery?
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Have solid mass on left lobe of thyroid and septated cyst on right lobe of thyroid.  Also have ovarian cyst, a cyst on my cervix, and endometriosis in my uterus.  Have Polycystic left kidney and 2 kidney stones in right kidney.  None of these have been biopsyed.  Also  have mild pituitary asymmetry adnoma which showed up on mri of my head. nothing has been done for this as well. What should i do? thank you natalie
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