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Over a month of numbpain docycline x32 pills and seems worse

First let me start this is long and not so good a pic that i took myself because i did not want my wife worried, if you look close u can see the clear white and then the red border of a cm or 2 with "fins" on side of tongue.  Have 3-6 in immediate family dx with cancer in last 2 years with my father dying at 53 after 6 months, so looking up symptoms i am worried that i will be waiting another month or 2 for my referral to go through. Would just like some thoughts have other pictures but as far as i can see i can only upload one. I appreciate any help.

I am a 32 year old male, 16 ppd smoker, drink more than I should and have been exposed to hpv, also a type 1 IDDM and haven had (due to a "rough?" upbringing more than a few root canals and porcelain veneers put in. A bit over a month ago for 2 weeks I was feeling "not myself" very lethargic, ear pain , a tiny bit of sinus pressure, but main issues were severe tongue pain and numbness, occasional spitting up of blood from mouth not lower, white covering entire top of tongue, large (not sure of measurement but average female pinky tip red under skin bumps on lower inside gum (3-4) with visible what to a non professional look like tendrils or veins connecting to other lumps under skin, also was having a metallic/sweet taste under tongue near saliva glands and a feeling (not sure if this will make sense) of mucous but almost more liquid like constantly coming from that area (am spitting a ton more, especially if I lay down I have to stand up and go to sink). Also it is hard to swallow (throat does not hurt at all) but I have a constant feeling of something stuck in back of throat that when I try to clear throat sometimes the mucus or feeling is so bad I vomit. I have also been on an ADHD med Vyvanse which when I first started for first few days to week is when I first felt this. I had a normal diabetic checkup in 2 weeks so I went to doctor and explained symptoms. He did a checkup, no blood work or xrays and because of some sinus pressure thought I may have had a bad sinus infection so he prescribed doxycycline (2 pills a day) x 20 days. After 16 days of taking it I was feeling worse, now not only have I had those symptoms (except for the sinus pressure) which cleared up in a few days but now my lower lip was completely red. I went back and saw a PA at the office, he gave me a 2 second checkup and referred me to a ENT. I have a major issue with CA in immediate family (father died of stage 4 PA cancer after 6 months, mother developed breast CA and younger sister was recently diagnosed with triple negative breast ca. I now have so sever pain that I literally ate scrap from a male whole love to eat a lot. I will call the ENT on Monday but around here I may have an appointment in 4 months. i have 3 other pictures of other symptoms that i wish they would allow me to post at least in here
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