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Hi All

I am a 46 year old male, non smoker moderate to heavy drinker at times, slight overweight but not huge.

Went to my Doctor recently with pains in my sides under my ribs, mostly on left side but also on the right and around the back of ribs. He physically examined me and had a listen but found nothing to concern him, his advice was see what happens and maybe it will settle down.

Since then its got a bit better with pain mostly under right ribs, level slightly less but not gone away. Some floating bowel movement and some sinkers. Nothing yellow or white, 50 shades of brown and no more regular or stinky than usual.

Also now having some chills but dont feel unwell at all, no nausea or anything like that.  

have a history of GERD and take omaprazol daily.

My mother and my sister both died quite young from cancer (ovarian and bladder) so I am naturally quite paranoid about that.

Appreciate comments or view on this, if its slight pancreatitis can that clear up on its own?

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Go seek a second opinion with a highly recommended Gastroenterology Specialist. My mother was having back pain and thought she had arthritis. Turned jaundice after a few rounds of Tylenol Arthritis. Healthy as could be and a former nurse. Went in after the jaundice appeared. Ended up with Gallbladder Cancer. This however is a sister issue to Pancreatic and very rare but becoming prevalent these days. Had to be looked for and carefully. Diagnosed early as well.

Biggest thing you are doing is checking your stools. If they start turning anything other than brown and go to lighter shades you are not getting enough bile. They can end up being pale to yellow to even get. Also look for greasy stools. A doctor can check your bilirubin and do a few tests to rule out your pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts. I wouldn't take any pain for granted.
I just had 5 weeks of a hospital stay that saved my life. Thought I had a stomach bug. Ended up with a ruptured appendix and blocked bowel. CCU, ventilator and sepsis survivor here. Plus half of my intestines pulled. Pain was only a mild cramp with a stomach bug symptom for two weeks. I'll never take any stomach pain for granted anymore.

Could be as little as a colicky colon causing this or just about anything. Seek a second opinion with a different hospital. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Grey stools. ....Typo in answer
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Insist on a MRI of your abdomen. You may have Pancreatic Cancer. This can not be detected with a physical exam. Run and get one. There are not test for this cancer. I have it and it all started with a pain on my left side. The sooner it is caught the better chance of surviving. There is no cure for Pancreatic Cancer.

You have to be your best advocate always.

Good Luck.
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I would get a MRI done of abdomen. I was a heavy drinker and threw up alot and had diarrhea all the time withe some left side pain. I had acute pancreatitis. Its wprth checking put the by chance found a mass on my right kidney. I just had a partial nempfractomy for renal cell carcinoma.. worth a check.  Good luck take care.
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