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Pancreatic Cancer

I have been having weird symptoms for over a year now.

It started off with my heart racing almost every night when I went to bed. I was also very tired, had chest discomfort, and difficulty breathing at times. This was in June of 2009. I went to several doctors then who did chest xrays, and ekg, blood work and a urine test, and also felt around my stomach and everyone of those doctors said it could be costochondritis, anxiety, gallstones or the type of food I ate. But none gave me a clear answer

Since then my symptoms have changed a bit. My heart still races from time to time, only at night when I'm sleeping. But earlier this year I got an extreme pain in my upper left side which quickly moved over to the right side. Now whenever I feel any pain its almost always in the upper right side of my abdomen. I also have nausea ALL DAY, but very rarely do I throw up. I also notice I have been extremely fatigued and my body gets tired easily. My arms begin to feel weak and my legs get tired from simple tasks like walking. I also get this weird twitch in my legs and arms sometimes. My limbs go numb very easily. I almost always have diarrhea or am constipated. I get headaches more frequently. My periods are irregular and lately I  have a feeling of fullness in my pelvic area, it feels like I'm on my period but I'm not. My hair is getting thinner and I have back pain.

When I search these symptoms I almost always get pancreatic carcinoma and, as normal, I am very concerned about it. My medical insurance through my job doesn't start for about another month so I plan on going to the doctor to get this checked out once it does. I am 300lbs, 5'6",  21 year old female, and am currently working on changing my lifestyle and getting into shape. I am a very busy person and in no way live a sedentary life.

I would like a doctors opinion if possible. Does this sound like pancreatic cancer? Is that something I should be worried about. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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