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Pancreatic cancer worries

43 yr old male. Having URQ pain for over a month. Pain also in my back right behind my liver. (Organ pain). Sharp pain that comes and goes. I am also having upper and lower back pain. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week. I had liver blood test done and all things were normal. My questions are:

If it was pancreatic cancer, would there abnormal liver enzymes?

If back pain was from pancreatic cancer, would there also be other symptoms like jaundice, weight loss, nausea/vomiting or can back pain alone be cause for concern?

Also is back pain associated with pancreatic cancer always severe or can mild back pain cause cancer for pancreatic cancer.
Thanks In advance
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I am a near 8 year pancreatic survivor.

Pains I was having, seemed like my liver was cramping, caused me to think cirrhosis or gall stones. My main symptom was mostly painless jaundice. My liver numbers were elevated because the tumor I was developing pressed against the bile duct, causing the jaundice and the other effects thereof.

The pain you describe reads like descriptions I have seen of pancreatitis pain. Chronic, acute pancreatitis MAY lead to pancreatic cancer.

Best thing to do is get a complete work up by your primary care doctor, which is what I did. 7 1/2 weeks after that 1st visit, had a diagnosis of a well defined Stage IB adenocarcinoma, which was confined to the head of the pancreas. I qualified for surgery without needing chemo or radiation before. I did get chemo after as the tumor had gone from Stage IB to Stage IIB in the 19 days between diagnosis and surgery. Still here, still clear.
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