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Pancreatic tumor at 28 years old?

After being sick for almost 6 months now, an abdominal MRI has discovered a small tumor on the pancreatic head/tail junction.
My symptoms started 6 months ago as generalized swelling and tenderness of the lymph nodes all over my body, nausea, vomiting, weight loss (I have since gained it all back), enlarged spleen.. etc. There was high suspicion I had mono but all of my tests came back negative.

Fast forward to last month, I started getting really bad epigastric pain and left upper quadrant pain. It would last for a few days and then die down to a dull nagging pain. I felt it in my back sometimes too. I toughed it out until I had another episode only the second episode I had white stools! Freaky!! Then I had a fever of 101.3. For me to get a fever is extremelyl rare. This is only the second fever I've ever had in my entire life. This is what scared me so I decided to go to the doctor. I saw the greatest PA ever. She ordered an abdominal ultrasound which lead to an abdominal MRI which identified the tumor.

I'm just NOT convinced that this could be cancer. Pancreatic cancer at 28 years old is almost never heard of. I'm going to be seeing a pancreatic surgeon at Georgetown University Hospital for biopsy.

What else could this be? Could a cyst or a benign tumor be making me this sick? I'm just not convinced it's cancer. That's just too weird for a 28 year old.

I don't have any family history of this, only my Grandpa got colon cancer at 75 years old. A few people have had their gallbladders removed and my mom and Grandmother have had diverticulitis. A few of my great uncles have diabetes. Nobody has pancreatic cancer.
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You definitely have something going that needs to be sorted ASAP.  I am not so sure it is Pancreatic CA.  

In my nursing career; I have been a nurse for 14 years, have I only taken care of one patient in your age group with Pancreatic CA.  

Any family history of cancer puts you at risk for any type of cancer.  I think I have a family history of 8-10 different types of cancers.  

I wish you all the best.  Hang in there.  :))
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I just posted in the Gastro forum...I'll write the same thing here...I worked in cancer detection for 35 years and NEVER ONCE heard of anyone as young as you are having pancreatic cancer!  Please keep me posted!  GW is a great place to go!!!
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thank you for your reply. I wanted to delete that other post but couldn't.

My doctors are all up in this panic that it's cancer and I'm just not convinced. I have no idea what they are seeing on the MRI but it has them spooked.

I was wondering though, if it's a benign endocrine tumor it could still cause me to be sick right? And cause all those symptoms listed above?

I really don't think it's cancer but everyone else does? It's just so weird!
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I have a question for you. When 28 year olds walk in with a tumor on their pancreas, what does it usually turn out to be since it has never been cancer?

I really am curious at what the heck this tumor thing is!

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I'm getting my tumor biopsied on April 1st. Fingers crossed that it's benign!
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Hi! Thank you so much for your reply! I keep telling myself that I'm too young and it gives me some reassurance.
I have only been able to find one person on the internet in my age group with pancreatic CA, he was diagnosed at 25 and is now 28.
The only person to pop up with cancer in my family was my Grandpa and he had colon cancer at age 75 which he eventually died from when it metastized to his lung. I just lost him not even a year ago :(

SIGH! Only 5 days until biopsy!
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