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Pathlology Results-Possible Sarcoma?

Hello! About 4 years ago this coming February, I was diagnosed with what was thought to be a lipoma. At my first visit it was about 2.5cm. I saw my PCM, they referred me to General Surgery who told me I was ridiculous for coming in and it wasn't worrisome. Well, the "lipoma" had grown and I decided to see my PCM once more and revisit having it removed. I saw the dermatologist who said he would take it out in the office. I went to my appointment where it was 6cm. He injected it with Lidocaine W/ Epi. It immediately grew, hardened and was no longer movable. He said he was no longer sure what it was, and in all the years he has been doing this has never seen a lipoma react that way. So, he did a double punch biopsy. The "lipoma" had now grown to 9cm and now onto the 3rd week after the biopsy, has stayed that size. He also ordered an MRI. The MRI with contrast showed some areas that were lit up, but the radiologist said he was unsure if that was due to the biopsy. Well, my dermatologist got the report back for the biopsy. It says;



Sections show unremarkable skin and a fragment of adipose where a percentage of the cells show nuclear enlargement and pleomorphism. This case will be sent to the Joint Pathology Center for consultation.

My dermatologist told me not to worry till we have the final and we will move forward. He previously mentioned that there is a high likelihood that it maybe sarcoma. I was just trying to reach out to see if anyone had any insight on the possibility or similar situation. He told me it would probably be another 2 weeks before I head anything.

Thank you!
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Oh my gosh, the pain and torture of waiting two full weeks!!!  I have had a different kind of cancer scare but did not have to wait 2 weeks for the verdict.  The pleomorphism is the word that worries me.  Typically when cancer is suspected, they get you in promptly to diagnose-  I would not be happy with this slow process.  But your derm is also telling you not to worry for now.  (easier said than done).  Then you hope it is caught early if it is a sarcoma and it is localized.  The cure rare of that is pretty darn high!  So, try not to worry until you have to but I understand this will be a LONG two weeks.  Let me know how it goes.  big hugs
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Yes, I agree, two full weeks and maybe even longer. Yea, when I looked up some of the terminology, that is the word that made me a little uneasy. See, I am an Army Wife and live in Germany where my husband is stationed. So often, things take longer. We have a small clinic we are seen at, and our labs/biopsies, etc. get collected and then sent out. That happens every Tuesday and Thursday and then it is tested. Since mine was tested and then they requested it be sent off for Consultation at the Joint Pathology Center, it has to go all the way to America, and then await the consultation process. I was feeling pretty optimistic when I saw the cure rate etc. Just a little anxious to see if it IS Sarcoma, what kind it is exactly. Some are easier to treat than others. Thank you for you kind words, they mean a lot. Big hugs....
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Oh gosh, and this is happening out of the country as well!  That's hard.  So family is back home?  I know when I have to wait, at first it feels slow and next thing I know two weeks have passed.  If it is sarcoma, would you come back to the states to get treated?  I think Id want to.  But I guess that depends if your husband is able to.  How long have you been stationed there? .  Ordinarily I d say that sounds like my kind of adventure---  how exciting to get to be in Germany like that.  How long have you been there?  (we'll chat the two weeks away.  :>)))  I've been to Munich and little towns surrounding it and Frankfort.  Do you have friends on the base with you?
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Yep, just a little far from home ; ) All of my family is home aside from my husband and my daughter. I have an older son who moved back home for school. I have been trying to stay busy, and have a lot of great things to look forward to, so it is helping. So, they said if it is Sarcoma, they would send me up to a clinic in Landstuhl (a 4 hour drive one way) for treatment. I would prefer to go to America for all of it, but we aren't due to PCS (move) till April. So not far away, but too far to wait if it is Sarcoma I am assuming. We have been here about 4 years now and have traveled all over! It has been amazing! I work full time so that helps keep me busy, especially since my husband is gone a lot and when home he works long hours. I have a few friends, and one is super supportive. I am just frustrated because I love to work out lifting weights and have a few things coming up I want to look my best for. One is a military ball and the other is Christmas at home! If I have to have the lipoma removed right now, I can't work out for 4 weeks. I mean there are much bigger things to worry about and much more important, but it is my stress relief and hobby as well. I appreciate you chatting with me. P.S. today makes the two week mark that my dermatologist told me it needed to be sent on for further testing.
Called today and no results back still. I figured as much being across the pond. Oh well, just have to sit and wait. In the meantime my CBC came back....but I assume they will wait to go over it all with me collectively.
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Hello!!  Ya, this is a long two weeks.  I've been in your shoes but it wasn't quite two weeks I had to wait.  Oh, how awesome to be in Germany and get to travel to different spots.  I remember a little town we went to that was a walled city called Rottenberg.  It was so interesting!  And we went down to Austria which I also loved.  And paris.  LOL  The trains make it so easy to travel there.  To be there for a good long time like that was quite the adventure.  How old is your daughter?  What an experience and eye opening for her in life.  Hard to be away from your son though, I'm sure.  Do you know where you'll go back to when you head back to the states?  

Yes, they'll probably go over it all when they sit down with you to talk about the results.  Can you take someone with you to take notes if needed?  We did that with a friend because it is kind of overwhelming if you do end up getting some kind of diagnosis (fingers crossed you do not)---  and it helps to have someone there for collecting information because you might forget yourself in that moment.

I completely COMPLETELY get it regarding working out for sanity. LOL  It definitely lifts my mood.  It actually GIVES me more energy.  Could you not do anything you don't think?  
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Yes, we have been to all of those places as well! And then some! Just took an anniversary trip to Portugal with my husband for 10 days this last August! My daughter is 9 and my son is 17. He JUST moved this past July, so he was here with us almost the entire time! The two of them have been all over! More places than some adults in their entire lifetime!

We find out 20 November what some of our moving options are, and then sometime in December we SHOULD find out where we will be PCS'ing (moving). It is a bit frustrating here because on post I had a positive ANA, they sent me off post to a Rheumatologist (German) and it was a mess. He ended up telling me I had Hepatitis, told me I had to wait 2 weeks (go figure, ha!) for the results from the follow up blood draw, and when they came back he said, "Oops" and that there was a "mix up". With the same labs he told me I had hepatitis with, he also told me my ANA and all other tests were negative. So, now I have no clue. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos by one German doctor based off of ultrasounds (had 4 nodules, inflamed and enlarged thyroid). They put me on Synthroid which was great at first. Then, I started to feel nuts. Did a repeat U/S and the nodules were gone. So they let me discontinue and just do follow up TSH test every 6 months to a year.

I have lots of trouble with healing and get sick so often. I wish someone would sit down and look at the whole picture and LISTEN to me. They just never have the time. And the second you try to advocate for yourself, you need to see Behavioral Health and are a hypochondriac. Regardless of all the positive lab/radiology findings.

I have put a lot of follow up care off due to this and when I went in they tried to scold me. Well, I am darned if I do and darned if I don't.

I may have a friend to go...my husband won't be able to for sure. They don't let him miss work for anything. But it's ok, I am used to doing this and everything else alone.

I eat so well and train at least 5 days a week. I prefer 6, but life happens, LOL. Originally my Derm. said he didn't want me to do any training (cardio or anything) for 2 weeks, and no upper body for 4. But things went completely sideways once he injected it, and it got angry. Then the biopsy coming back with those results....them sending it off. I don't know anymore about any of it at all. He just told me it would take about 2 weeks, to try not to worry until we get the final.

Thank you for chatting with me, it is so kind of you. I appreciate it.
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It's my pleasure to chat, I'm enjoying it too! :>))  

I've never been to Portugal!  Would LOVE that!  Really, the opportunity you've given your kids with this overseas time is immense!  Does your daughter now speak German fluently?  I know when I was there, most everyone could speak English but it was an opportunity to TRY to speak German with them. They were patient.  Smaller towns, I found a few people who didn't speak English or pretended not to but most others did.  

It would be a little hard to not know where you are going.  I'm a planner.  lol.  Do you have any preference?  Are you hoping to be close to family?

So, your son left to go to the US for college?  That would be hard for me.  My older son is 14 getting ready to turn 15 and just started high school. I know that our time together is going to fly by and then he is out of the nest.  I'm already trying to prepare mentally. Ha.  I have another son who is 13 so they are going to leave me (sniff sniff) at around the same time.  You have your daughter still.  

But as the teen years are hard . . . maybe I'll be packing them up early to go.  ha ha.  

I like to work out too.  My favorite is boot camp in a group setting.  I love that class but as a military wife, you probably think it's funny these gym club exercise classes are called boot camp!  I used to lift weights frequently but have gotten away from it.  I need to get back----  they say that is a great way to boost  your metabolism.

Your husband sounds very busy.  Is your living situation like a big community of families like you guys?  When does your husband get to retire?  Some military guys get to retire pretty young.

The health situation sounds extremely frustrating!  Oh my gosh.  And all you are trying to do is take care of yourself. When you get back to the states, you need a full and thorough physical. Hopefully they have also been wrong about the lipoma/sarcoma.  But wow, to diagnose you with something, treat you and then say OOPS!?!  I'd be relieved but pretty annoyed too.
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It is nice to make new friends!

That is what I try to remind myself of when I feel bad that they haven't grown up around our family. She doesn't speak it fluently (German is a super tough language to learn), but she knows a lot! They have in school a special they call, "host nation". There she is taught all about the culture and some of the language! The younger generation of Germans have been taught some English in school, but typically the elderly don't know much, if any at all. Most know enough English, and with the little German I do know, we can normally work through anything!

Well, we were due to move in April, before he would finish his senior year. So, we went over some choices, discussed the "pros" and "cons" collectively as a family, and let him decide what he wanted to do. Part of his decision factor was that you can't obtain a license here if you are a child. Another is the lack their of opportunity for employment. So, he decided to go to our home town and live with my mother in law to go to school. The school he goes to is a highly sought after school. You have to apply, and submit behavior assessments from the principal of your previous/current school, etc. And even once you apply, if accepted, you have to be put into a lottery! Well, we did all of the above and he was selected! He also gets dual credits for all classes at no cost. He is in the process of obtaining his learners permit and has a job with my father in laws company.  He is in all AP honor roll classes and is going for his scholastic diploma and applying for scholarships. So, he is doing well and I am so very proud. Sad, but proud. I am so grateful to have my little one home with me, but it hurts my heart to see and hear how much she misses her brother. We are flying home to be with family this Christmas and to say we are excited is an understatement!

I work in a Wellness Center and am currently in school for personal training, fitness is my favorite! Nutrition is more so my focus! I am currently a Body Pump instructor so I enjoy an occasional class. Yes, incorporating weights with some cardio definitely helps your metabolic rate!

He is super busy, the OPTEMPO (training,missions,TDY) is very high. Long hours, and lots of time away traveling etc.  We live in a community with A LOT of other military families. My husband is a CW3, and has about 9 years till retirement.

I just got some more results back from The Joint Pathology Clinic and they came back abnormal so they are doing further testing. They said it is currently pending and they will amend the previous results when they get them.

I did see a few words that didn't look good...like lipoblasts, nuclear enlargement and hyperchromasia. So, more waiting. I didn't think there would be more waiting once it got there, but at least everyone is being very thorough!

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I'm sorry for leaving you hanging after you wrote me!  Ugh, sorry about scary words in the path report. Blah. But let's just wait for the final verdict. The good news is you are on top of it and it will be taken care of!

Your son is definitely doing just awesome!  What a responsible kid!  Ya, you must be very proud. And he is so confident to be able to go back to the states. I know he is with grandparents but it's still a brave kid to leave his parents. Sounds like you've developed your son into a mature, proactive and smart you man.  My 14 year old son, very smart.  He does very well in school but wow, he's a nervous wreck.  I'm no sure he could handle being away from me.  He needs my reassurance a lot.  He's got sensory issues if you are familiar with sensory integration disorder?  But he's brilliant smart which is a blessing (ha, wish I were). My 13 year old is more the kid who wings it at school and doesn't worry about it.  He has good grades but that it has come easy makes me worried he will eventually crash and burn. We'll see.  ha. He's more confident than my 14 year old.  Wish I knew how to build that in kids more than I have.  Oh well, I try!  

Ah, I like your job.  Ya, you ARE into fitness.  And eating well.  Good combo!  I struggle with eating as I have a long history of comforting with food.  Sigh.  

So, 9 more years. Short but long.  Is the community good or is it intrusive to live with so many other military families in your life/vicinity?  
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So, how is it going?  Any results as of yet??  Are you celebrating a Thanksgiving dinner in Germany today?  :)))
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Hi there, wanted to check in and see what is going on!!!  Any updates?
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Merry Christmas!  I wanted to circle back around and wish you happy holidays.  Hopefully by now you got the all clear and are healthy and happy.  :>)
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I am SO sorry I left you hanging. I was just so over all of this mess and stopped caring or investigating etc. So, I had my surgery yesterday to remove the tumor. I had it done at a German hospital. They were very thorough! They put me under general anasthesia so my throat is sore and I have a drain so my shoulder is pretty sore and tight. They believe it is Sarcoma. But they are waiting for the pathology to come back. If it comes back positive, then I will have another surgery to take margins. We JUST got orders and are supposed to be flying out 19 March. My husband goes TDY to the states on 15 February, so I hope this healing process goes quickly. I begged to come home from the hospital, though they wanted me to stay the night. I go on Sunday to have the drain removed and hope to speak with my surgeon about how my surgery went etc. I never got to see him.

But, enough about me, how are you?
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Wow, thank you for the update and sorry I didn't see it until now!!!  What did the pathology say? Hoping not sarcoma but honestly, you sound in decent spirits about this.  I'm impressed!!! I'm glad the surgery was good in Germany.  You always wonder about health care in other countries and if it will be up to par but this sounds solid.
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hit send too early.  lol.  Excited to hear from you, I guess.  ha.
Is your husband already gone?  Are you on your own?  You are probably packing up and tying up loose ends.  I am not being silly when I say you really do not have time for cancer!  

How are your kids?  How's your son doing at the new school?  

I guess I need a second update now.  :>))))
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