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Pls help

Hello dear , before 3 month from now when i went to workout i felt pain in my leftside of my lower jaw , when i checked it with my fingers i felt somthing like spherical i went to 3 docters they told me this is your bone , i made panoramic ray pic and skull pic , result comes clean .. till now its still at the same size but i feel uncomfert in the area and some little pain by time , what do you think dear experts pls advise me
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Sorry you  are having this issue.  Is the lump still there? That it hasn't changed in size is good.  We are glad you had it fully evaluated and would trust your doctors.  It's not causing you some pain?  Could you have a salivary gland issue? These can sometimes get infected and that would result in some pain. It's also possible to have a small cyst in that area.  I would keep your eye on it and check back in with your doctor if you have persistent pain with it.  Also, I would try to keep your hands off of it as you yourself may be causing it to be painful if you continue to touch and feel it.  Let us know how you are doing.
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I just wanted to follow up and see if there has been any change.  Here is information on oral cancer. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/mouth-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20350997  This would most likely have shown up in the testing you did so feel that is unlikely.  Any follow up for our readers would be appreciated.  Best of heath to you.
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