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Pre-cancerous cells on cervix

The pathology results after my D&C removal of a uterine polyp showed HPV 58.  Six weeks prior to that, my pap smear had shown HPV 64. (Pre-cancerous cells on my cervix).  My gynecologist is concerned for two reasons:

1 - I have had irregular results on pap smears, requiring culposcopy 3 times in the past 8 years.
2 - The latest cell - with marker HPV 58, appears to have grown in 6 weeks.

She did a culposcopy while I was there for my D&C surgery follow-up due to the pathology results.  She also scheduled a LEEP procedure to remove the abnormal cells from my cervix for next week.

I am assuming I will have the culposcopy results back by that time, and am hoping to learn more about the abnormal cells that are to be removed.  I have a few questions that I am hoping to have answered so I will have a better understanding of what I'm hearing when I get those results.

1 - I have seen conflicting information  on the internet concerning CIN 1, 2 or 3.  One web site lists CIN 2 as Stage 0 cancer and CIN 3 as stage 1 cancer................ While another web site listed All three CIN levels as PRE-cancer and not actually having cancer until it surpasses CIN 3.  Can someone please clarify this better for me?

2 - When she cuts out this abnormal area of my cervix, I am scheduled to have repeat pap smears every 3 months.  Will this continue for a year or so, longer, indefinately??  or does this depend on my biopsy results??

3 - When she cuts out the abnormal area, how much will I need to be concerned about it growing back?  Are my chances increased because I had it in the past or is that irrelevant??  

Thanks for any information you can give me.  I want to be as informed as possible when I go back for the LEEP procedure and hear these results.  I don't want to forget to ask anything or be so blown away by what I'm hearing that I can't think straight (which is often the case, like it was when I heard the "pre-cancerous" results this past Monday).

Thank you,
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1. hard to clarify better because doctors CHANGE the values of these numbers. Like with blood pressure values. Cancer values have remained relatively stable (Stages 1, 2, 3, 4). So it depends whether your dr. has gone with the new values or stayed w/the old.
2. Again this depends on your doctor. Different doctors follow different protocols. You'll have to ask.
3. Some of this depends on if you are a positive or negative thinker. I believe they won't grow back or they won't have a Tendency to do it. I'd also be taking folic acid.
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