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Question about pathology results

Would anyone be able to help me understand these results. I have got conflicting answers. Any help would be appreciated.

2. Cervix, 6-o'clock (biopsy):
Microscopic foci of invasive squamous cell carcinoma and overlying
dysplasia (CIN-3/HSIL).
See comment.
2. The invasive carcinoma is not oriented as to the surface of the specimen
and, thus, a depth of invasion cannot be provided.
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Oh gosh, when do you follow up with your doctor.  The wording 'server dysplasia' is scary but that is not yet cancer. It has the potential to become cancer.  However, invasive squamous cell carcinoma. That unfortunately sounds like they have found some cancer cells.  I'm hoping I'm wrong on that but you need to talk to your doctor right away.  They are in an area that has dysplasia that is not yet cancer.  Do you know if you had HPV? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cervical-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20352501  This article gives information.  The next step will be to have it staged. Please, again, talk to your doctor. I'm not a doctor so am just giving you my thoughts.  Once you have this staged, they will give you a treatment plan.  I would expect surgery to remove the cells and discussion about hysterectomy and possibly further treatment.  (radiation, chemo and targeted therapy).  It IS treatable.  And this sounds to be in a manageable point right now!  When do you follow up with your doctor?  I'm sorry you are going through this!!  hugs
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Thank you so much sweetie. My dr told me I have cancer then the nurse called from a different dr to schedule the LEEP and acted like I was crazy for saying cancer. Then I called my dr and he said I have cervical cancer and  said I do have cancer. It made me wonder if I'm crazy. My mother and 2 of my uncles are battling cancer atm. I had severe dysplasia when I was 15 due to being raped when I was little.  My recent paps showed HPV16 and ASCUS.
I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. If they aren't treating it as cancer at the new office then am I losing precious time?
No, I don't think you are over reacting (even though you didn't ask me that).  You are getting a doctor telling you cancer and a nurse who is minimizing it.  Who ya gonna believe?  I'm going with the doctor.  That's not to say the treatment wouldn't be similar.  They are going to remove the cells either way, correct?
I followed my gut. I  can't thank you enough.
Well.....that didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I will be having a port placed and start chemo and radiation asap. He's scheduling a CT-PET scan. Then I will have 5 surgeries after chemo and radiation placing something to put direct internal radiation. There's much more but my mind is still spinning atm. If it is contained to what he can see during his exams I have a 90 percent chance of recovery...if it's in even 1 lymph node that drops to 45 percent. We will know by next week.
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