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RCC now possible mets to liver

I am a 51 year old female. I had a partial nephrectomy for Grade 2 RCC Clear Cell Multiocular Cystic Varient in Jan 2006. Then during a cystoscopy in the spring of 2007 they found a superficial TCC tumor in my bladder that was biopsied and lasered.  Over a year ago On my Cancer follow up MRI they found a lesion on my liver that wasn't the normal hemangiomata / hemangioma / cyst like they have been finding on every MRI / CT scan that I've had since my RCC was found. This is from the MRI report:

MRI report it say's "A 9mm lesion within the right hepatic lobe demonstrates T2 hyperintensity and peripheral enhancement of postcontrast imaging and does not meet criteria for hemangioma and remains indeterminate. The portal vein is patent"

Also further down on the reports "Impressions" it says "A third hepatic lesion remains indeterminate and metastatic disease is NOT excluded. Recommend follow-up with MRI exam." From the very begining all my Doctors Said I didn't Need to see an Oncologist". And this time was no different.
My urologist at the time was checking with other Doctor's about whether to do a biopsy, because he was worried that there could be bleeding problems since it was in my liver. Then my Mom was put on hospice care and I couldn't follow up on it. Then I lost my insurance when my divorce went through.

My current Doctor  wants to send me to an oncologist but I would have to pay money upfront  that I don't have. I'm feeling weaker all the time and have been losing more weight. I don't have much of an appitite and I have lost the taste for eating meat for a couple of years now also.  I have a bad feeling that my cancer is back. I had some lab work last week but don't know what the results are yet. But, I did get a letter (no phone for now) saying that my test came back abnormal and to come in to see my Doctor asap. But they cant get me in until next week, so I left a message for his assistant to call me, but she never did (this was today). I am a nervous wreck and I was hoping you could give me your oppinion of everything so far.  I have been fighting for SSI/disability, and am now waiting on an appeal hearing with a judge, for other medical conditions.  I was also wondering IF it's possible to get any real indication of my RCC returning or Liver Mets....from blood work and ui.  Also, since I can't get in to see an oncologist... if I went to the ER, would THEY order a new MRI?  Oh, I don't know if it matters or has to do with any of this... but I went to the ER on Oct 31.2010 because my body was numb and I was having a racing heart beat, plus shortness of breath. They did some kind of lab work and found that my potassium level was extremely low, for which I was given potassium to take at the hospital and also a script.  Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.


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