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Safe to continue to wait?

I have had a complex ovarian cystic lesion in my right ovary for a little over two years now.  It was first spotted in 08 and was 1.4cm in size.  Recently it was measured at 1.6cm so the growth has been minimal.  My doctor is suggesting that I go on birth control to help with the pain but I have other symptoms as well (swelling, nausea, constipation, fatigue, discharge, lower stomach pain - constant and menstrual like cramping, spotting between periods and after sex along with painful intercourse and lower back pain.  I don't feel that the pill is the answer with all the other symptoms.  Do you feel it is okay to continue to wait and see?  My grandmother had cervical cancer in her 30's and my cousin had ovarian cancer in her early 30's as well.  I told her about this and she seems unconcerned but I am.  What do you suggest to do?

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Are you seeing an GYN for this?  

This physician is prescribing BC for the pain only?  
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Yes.  She is the one that wants me to go on the pill for the pain.  
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She is only addressing the pain and not all the other symptoms?

I would be getting a second opinion ASAP, especially with your family history; someone who is going to do more than just prescribe BC pills for the pain.  What diagnosis has this GYN given you?  

I am not sure if this is PCOS or something else.  
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She said today that the pill will help all my symptoms...?  She spoke with another doctor who agreed this is the next approach before doing surgery.  If the pain and symptoms do not go away she will look into doing exploratory surgery.  She has also ordered a CA 125 blood test but I heard that can be somewhat unreliable.  She believes that the cyst has nothing to do with any of this since it is so small...  I really don't know what to think at this point.  

What is PCOS?
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PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  

Ok, that makes more sense she prescribed BC pills for the symptoms which in return may relieve the pain.  Ok, ordered a CA 125 and may possibly do an exploratory lap;  she being approppriate.  You did NOT state this in your initial post.  

CA 125 is not a reliable marker to use to diagnose Ovarian CA, however, if it is elevated will indicated something is abnormal/wrong.      
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I did not know what she was doing when I wrote the first post... All I knew really, was I have an ovarian complex cyst for two years now and didn't understand why she wasn't looking further into this.  Yesterday's appointment was the latest news I had (pill and blood test).  

Thanks for your help.
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