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Small lump in my neck

I'm a 30 yr old female with anxiety disorder and constantly under stress.  Recently, I noticed a small lump on my right side, towards the bottom of my neck (between the base and shoulder).  It is painless, moveable, and changes in size throughout the day, but it is never bigger than approximately 1 cm.  It feels spongy at times, but then it gets firmer.  I've also been experiencing sinus/allergy/rhinitis issues due to the season.  Other than that, I have no other symptoms.  Any idea of what this might be?  Any opinions are greatly appreciated.
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We have the same worries (lump in neck) and I too deal with horrible anxiety and hypochondria. I am no doctor but I'm going to assume it's a lymph node. I can feel mine on the sides of my neck right where you described. They feel the same. They may or may not be swollen. People say they are if you feel them but I have been able to feel the ones in my groin forever and the doctor said it's normal especially since I'm so skinny.

If you have a sinus problem right now though, it's probably just enlarged a tiny pit due to that. Although i heard less than 1cm is not swollen.
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I agree with the post above it can be one of your lymph nodes there thats swollen. Since only recently the mass appeared! I've heard in pathophysiology class from my lecturer that his benign tumor do fluctuate in size if he's under stress and through the day. remember the number of chemical process the body goes through daily. Monitoring this and record any changes or pain in the area. Try to reduce your stress levels as well...take care
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