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Stage 4 Secondary Liver Cancer - Alternative medication? Berberbis Vulgaris

Recently, my 79 year old Grandmother was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer. 5 weeks ago she was diagnosed with Helicobacter Pylori, which then manifested in to an enlarged liver and Ascites (fluid in the abdomen). She has a severe lack of appetite and strong feelings of nausea. The cancer diagnoses was very recent (5 days ago). She is soon to be having a biopsy to determine the rate of growth of the cancer as well as the likely primary source.

I am aware that being at a stage 4, this is a very advanced form of cancer, and it has already spread to the liver. I know that the biopsy results will be crucial in determining the suitable treatment that should be given, but wanted to ask anyone who has either had experience with secondary liver cancer, or who is familiar with any alternative medicinal approaches (not instead of, but in tandem with conventional approaches like chemotherapy etc) to help. I have read numerous studies on the effects of Barberry (Berberis Vulgaris), and its physiologically active alkaloids, especially Berbamine, which was shown to  inhibit the growth of liver cancer cells and cancer initiating cells.

I have also been researching Arctigenin, which is found in the Burdock root.

My question is: Is anyone familiar with these forms of medicine, and if so would they be able to advise me on how to obtain? I cannot seem to find barberry root available to buy in the UK, and am not sure whether the berries of the plant are of the benefits supported by the research, or whether other parts, such as the bark or root are more appropriate.


Many Thanks,

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You should follow the advice of an oncologist that uses EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE (i.e., based upon peer-reviewed clinical trials). If you want to experiment with alternative medicine, this should only supplement not replace the treatment your oncologist recommends. It is important that you should disclose all alternative medicines that you are taking, because some may interfere with the medications your doctor prescribes.
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