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Stage IIB survival rates including mastectomy vs lumpectomy

I am looking for the true survival rates for stage IIB breast cancer.  I have been on chemo (a study including Avastin) since March '10 and have one more treatment left prior to surgery.  Now I understand the FDA is withdrawing its consent to use Avastin.  My axilla tumor was nearly 4cm while the breast tumor was 2.5+/- .  My question is:  What are the true survival rates when you are comparing lumpectomy vs complete bilaterial mastectomy.  This has been such a nasty experience I loathe to go thru it again and I thought my best option was a mastectomy altho the tumors have shrunk down to non-pappable size.  I am so confused, and know that whatever I decide, it can not be undone.  Help please!
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When one is talking about survival rates, it depends on tumor type, staging, comorbidities, etc. more so that whether one has a lumpectomy vs bilateral mastectomy.

I would recommend you discuss in detail the pros and cons of a lumpectomy vs mastectomy in your individual case with your Oncologist.  
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I am a 14 yr survivor of Breast cancer.  My lump was 3 cm and elected to have a bilateral mastectomy and then I had chemo treatment after that.  Also 12 nodes were removed from under my arm  and only one was positive.  I, so far, have had no signs of cancer reappearing.  
I would recommend you discuss this with your Oncologist to see what would be the best way for you to go and then you decide.   Things have come a long way since I had mine done and I am sure now it may be easier, I don't know.
I was very fortunate to have an Aunt(inlaw) to help me decide which way to go and I only had one week to decide on what I was to do.  I also elected not to have reconstruction done.  Everyone needs to decide that for them selves...  Good Luck to you on your decision.  
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Thank you very much for your response.  My tumor(s) were 3.9x3.5 axilla and 2.0x2.5 +/- breast.  I have taken (7) chemo treatments so far, have one more this Thursday and then will have surgery.  Tumors have both shrunk to non-pappable size which is great, however, surgery is a must.

I appreciate both your inputs and will be discussing my options with my surgeon on the 23rd of Sept.
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