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Surgery for benign growth behind Lung?

My Father is scheduled to have an OP to have a large benign growth (> 9cm) removed which is located on the side of / behind his right lung.

The operation will involve cutting through his back to remove the growth.

The lump was discovered because he underwent emergency treatment for a pulmonary embolism (due to deep vein thrombosis) in the other lung.  The two conditions are said to be totally unrelated.

Other than this he has no symptoms. He is  72 years old, active and fit.

The consultant surgeon said the operation is not absolutely necessary; that he could choose to leave it and live with it as they are fairly certain the lump is benign. However he was advised him that he would feel better with the knowledge that it is removed.

So I have a number of concerns.

1) My father has made his decision on the basis of only this 1 opinion.
2) Such an operation could be a tremendous stress. I am worried that such an OP could start a downward spiral in my Father’s health / lifestyle (which is still of a good quality) which he will never regain even if the OP is successful. I believe that older people recover slower from operations, and it takes much more work to build back the mussels (in his back, and due to a period of immobility in bed). According to the consultant, the growth is not dangerous, so why undergo the massive stress of an OP to remove it.

1) Piece of mind knowing that such a growth has been removed, and that no further complications can arise from it.
2) If by a slight chance the lump is cancerous (and it is completely localized), then this removal is the best course of action.

I would be grateful for other opinions on this.
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