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Swollen Lymph Nodes & Much More...Scared!!

How can I get my doctor to take me serious? With my now previous physician, he told me to go home & research on the internet and get back with him on what I find and maybe together we could find out what's going on.

Well, I had lost 40 pounds in 2 months w/o trying. I was having big time sweating at night soaking my clothes, and on & off temperature. I wasn't feeling right. Well, I have other diagnosed issues and several surgeries behind me. From having brain surgeries for chiari to neck and back surgeries. Most recent was gallbladder surgery. The upper abdomen is pain free now from that.

Well, I'm still having some awful symptoms. (Of course I always have migraines/ head pain, neck pain and back pain...upper & lower). Anyway, I'm losing more weight again, I'm nauseated/ vomiting everyday, sweating badly at night, on & off temperature  (low grade), I do have lower pain abdomen I guess it is and close to my cervical female area I suppose is that area. I stand and I suddenly feel at times that I'm going to pass out, but I don't. I know the feeling well, because I've passed out before. Oh and also, I've had a swollen lymph node for several months now. 3 docs told me it was a swollen lymph node, however didn't check into anything except "regular blood work". The one is the guy that told me to research on the internet.

Anyway, I've discovered that I now have 2 more swollen lymph nodes that just appeared. I'm worried because of how I feel. Now, cancer does run in the family. My grandpa had breast cancer (yes, my grandpa), melanoma, and he had colon cancer. He's still alive after all that.

One of my grandma's had cervical cancer and died from it. Others had leukemia, lung cancer and other types. It truly runs in the family on my mom's side. I don't know my father's side. I saw that it appears he could have passed away at the age of 50 (from my searching). I don't know what from. His family doesn't know me & I don't know them.

Anyway, I don't know how I'm going to be able to get my new family doctor to take me serious. I just want to feel better. I'm sick of this and having all this on top of my other pains is overwhelming.

I need a miracle! I need to find a doctor that can help me and get answers and get me feeling 50% better at least!! My heart races more too (I have P.O.T.S. w/synascope).

And also another thing is that my body feels tired and heavy. I feel very wore out.
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So sorry to hear all of what you are going through and even more sorry that it's been difficult to get a doctor to take things seriously.  I'm really surprised that a doctor would tell you to go and research on the internet, most doctors I know hate it when people do that because they diagnosis themselves with something that isn't correct.  

Do you have a lead on another physician?  
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