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Swollen lymph nodes in neck, discolored stools, weird discharge, joint pain, headaches, major autoimmune tendencies, and no relief - - should I be concerned?

In the past week I've experienced a barrage of new symptoms from difficulty swallowing and painless swollen lymph nodes in my neck to the worst whole-body rheumatoid arthritis flare of my life. Additionally, I have had frequent (3-4x daily) diahrrea with tinges of very dark (almost black) coloration and also BRIGHT green coloration, as well as brownish vaginal discharge. This is in addition to daily migraines, daily nausea, chronic tinnitus, parathesis and neuropathy, and, naturally, the rheumatoid arthritis. I also have celiac disease that has so far been unresponsive to a very strict gluten free diet.  I have been tested very recently (within past couple of months) for multiple sclerosis and std's. I am not pregnant. I was screened in the past for crohn's disease and lupus. I do not have depression, anxiety, or fibromyalgia. Any other thoughts on what these seemingly random symptoms can possibly be? I feel as though my whole entire body has gone haywire and that my medications are not even helping me at all. Thank you, I'd appreciate an answer as soon as possible, as I am really suffering. What began years ago as mere inconveniences have turned into all-consuming affairs that are starting to have me worried. I am so ill and do not know where to turn for answers! My last blood work was in May. I am on prescription medications for my RA and migraines as well as allergies. Help!

I also want to add to this inquiry that I also have adrenal insufficiency. I have another ACTH stim test this week to rule out Addison's Disease but they think it is secondary adrenal insufficiency from prednisone use. In the past few months my cortisol level has been dangerously low, in fact, undetectable. I do not know if this is at all helpful or relevant.  I just do not know how all of these seemingly isolated symptoms could connect. I do have history of many abnormal lab results, bloodwork, etc but last batch in May was fairly normal for me other than cortisol and inflammation. Thanks! I look forward to getting advice. I am just wondering if any of these symptoms are somehting I should be worried about since my immunodeficiency and my disorders make me, unfortunately, "high risk."
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