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Swollen vein in breast/Sore nipple

I had a lump removed from my right breast four weeks ago.  Thankfully it was benign.  A week ago, I had some pain in the lower part of my breast and thought it was bruising from the surgery.  When i felt it, however, it felt like a swollen vein and was very painful to touch.  My scar is horizontal and the vein runs vertical starting at the scar and extending down about four inches.  It feels like a small rope or cord.  It is big enough that if I lift up my breast and look in the mirror the vein is visible.  My nipple is also extremely sensitive and somewhat painful.  Any ideas?  I saw the doctor today and all he said was "It will go away".
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Hey Gidget844, I too have had this problem. I had two lumps removed from my right breast. They were Fibroadamonas and one was directly under my nipple ... can't see a scar there anymore becausse the surgeon did such a great job and the other is vertical on the right side of my breast. I'm small 34a and have a scar maybe 3-4 inches. and after I had my surgery (8/2007) I also saw a large vein plus very swollen and tender to the touch. It did go away. even though every now and then where that scar is.. causes me a little pain but I had a follow up with the breast sugeon and everything is normal.

If you are really concerned about it maybe talk to either your GP or GYN. They will know.

Hope that helps

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Thank you so much!  Good to know that I'm not the only one.  I'll look forward to it going down.  Mine was also a fibroadenoma - and I was wondering - if I ever get another one will I have to have it removed too?  I wish I had gone to a better surgeon, my scar looks like it's going to be very noticeable. :(
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Hi Gigget (sp)? sorry...  I too had a vein in my breast (left) swell up.  It really scared me at first.  I believe mine was from stress, but not absoultely certain.  The next morning the swelling was gone.  I was quite relieved.  I still may go and have it checked out, but I believe I'm fine.  -DeeDee
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I am 40.  I had my cycle this past week and was a very interesting.  My blood flo is ususlly light to medium.  The past 2 cycles the flo was very light.  But this cycle blood was gushing out and I cramped every day (4-5 days).  The cramps felt like strong contractions that would not stop.  Now I am experiencing lower ab pain below the naval and above the pelvic area.  Has anyone experienced this?  Is it normal female body change?  Thanks, DeeDee
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