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Symptoms of ovarian cancer

My sister went to the hospital about a year ago for abdominal pain and swelling. She had been dealing with the pain for weeks, the swelling on the other hand was only present for a couple of days. They decided to do a CAT Scan. They found that she had 3 cysts on her ovary, and that the cysts had grown a vein over to her kidney which had developed a blood clot in it. She has been started on blood thinners, and told she has Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Well, now almost a year later she is having all the same symptoms. I have done research and found that there seems to be a connection between Deep Vein Thrombosis and cancer. Knowing this I asked her again about her symptoms, and she has all the symptoms of ovarian cancer and has had them for a little while before they found the DVT. If anyone has any ideas on what kind of tests she should ask to have run, or just any ideas at all for that matter I would really appreciate the help. Thank You.

I also think it is important to mention that the E.R. doctor she saw a year ago was very worried. He told her where there is smoke there is fire. He took a lot of blood to run test. For some reason those tests never made it to her primary care physician. So still no answers, and her primary told her as far as he was concerned there were not tests that could be done to check for cancer, and he would not do anything. She will be seeing a different doctor this time. Thank you again.
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sorry your sister is going through this! How old is she? Also, the blood test to do a cancer marker is called CA125. Has she recently had a transvaginal ultrasound? She should get both of those test done. Also tell her to run to another doctor if he didnt know what the blood test is called that is done to help detect ovarian cancer. BUT....if she is premenapausal the protein in the blood test could be high for reasons OTHER than ovarian cancer. Tell her to hang in there! Is she in pain?
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Thank you for responding to my post. She is 29 years old, and as far as I know when all of this happened a year ago, she did have the transvaginal ultrasound. She also had a CT because they were not seeing anything on any of the other test, the CT was how they ended up finding the DVT in the pelvis. The DVT was on her left side and from what they told her things are not in the correct spot, so I guess they had top do a contrast CT to find what they were looking for ( her ovary I believe). She is in pain off and on but it's not constant. Thank you again and I will pass on the information.
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