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Throat Tonsil Cancer

31yo male usa. A month prior my right tonsil looked a bit bigger then normal and was scratchy and red. With no other noticable symptoms. 3 weeks later i was around a woman with the flu. A week after that i got sick. Started out with sever sneezing, Few hours later went into a bad cough. Couple hours later very sever red and sore throat all over.. I have very bad panic disorder and freak out easy so plz think before u reply lol.. I am a heavy smoker and my mom died of lungcancer in 2006. I dont know of anyone else in my family that may have had any type cancer. Sence moms death i have ran to hospitals to be scanned and tested for cancers mainly lung ca. I guess my question is is how likey is my tonsil problem to be cancer?? Keep in mind before my tonsil got scratchy i nvr looked at it before in detail so i dont know the normal size for me. I only had a slight fever of 99.2 and that was cause my heat was wide open. No weightloss no fever, My symptoms now is just sneezing,coughing up green gunk, And very bad sore throat that feels better in afternoon and way worse in the morning. I do not notice any nodes to be inlarged to my end but the front of my neck kinda to the right side feels like a sore muscle tht did not start till i had this heavy coughing going on. I have a small red lump on right side bottom back of toung that looks like a canker sore been there a few days. Had one same way on left side of toung a few weeks prior tht went away with salt water. In away i feel these lumps are comming from me consumeing about 5 to 10 bc powders a day. I am addicted to them and yes i am ashamed of that. I had flu like symptoms i guess but only the coughing sore throat and snezeing. No sweats or chills unless i leave my heat on high for a few hrs lol.. I notice when i cough bad it pulls on the mucle in the front of my neck so i hope thats all that part is. I did through research on tonsile cancer and lymphomia. Even though i can always find to have atleast 2 symptoms of every known cancer out there lol. I owe over $150,000 in doctor bills over my extream fear of cancer and dont wanna run to the doctor everytime i fear of cancer cause thats everyday sence mom died. I dnt feel weak dnt really feel sick i still eat good appears i gained about 5lbs sence been sick. 4 sumreason i been eating alot more sence i lost my job. Back of my throat in areas are red and has some yellow coating on it aswell as my tonsil. Also some white coating in back of throat witch i think is the drainage.I checked my temp before i wrote this and it was 98.6 now i checked it again and its 99.2 and i feel hott but i did have my heat on high. Is it possiable my body temp to rise when i think about cancer and fear cancer? Cause when i am very calm i dont feel hot and have a normal temp of 97.5!! I know my symptoms can be tonsilitise as well as common cold now witch my symptoms it match common cold 100% Just going to the restroom my temp dropped to 98.9. I am very very scared and as u can see i stay parinoid alot. Now yes i know there is a chance it can be cancer but thats not what i wanna hear. What i want is what r the odds based on the symptoms i gave u? I wanna hear what all this can be because of not just cancer i do fear cancer but then again all the times i feared lung cancer tests showed me i was wrong even though i really thought i had it. So keep in mind i know it can be cancer and only a doctor can tell me im just asking what all else can cause this and what i can do at home to treat it to see if anything works.. My only real medical history is Bacterial menigitise about a year ago. I'm ashamed to say this but i do have alot of bad teeth rotting even one close to tonsil has decayed my mouth is a bacterial wearhouse sortaspeak. Can my sever bad teeth and decay cause this aswell??? Thank you in advance..
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Can someone respond to my post???
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Can anyone reply to my post plz? I had it listed for over two weeks now!  An update i got sick yet again last week still sick same symptoms sever sore throat sneezeing coughing chest head and sinus congestion my ears are stopped up shortness of breath. Sever cough, Some minor ear aches at times come and go  some times i feel better then others.. I feel my chest and head is very clogged!!! So much mucus and snot. I saw a doctor few days ago who checked my mouth throat and tonsils said he did not see any signs of precancer or cancer at this point. Said i might have had the flu and tonsilitise the flu never did this before feels like very bad bronchitise.. Doc said my tonsils were not enlarged at all but to me it feels that way. I got antibiotics and magic mouth wash.. What can i do to help unclog my ears and head? Also how do i get my taste and smell back?? I noticed my taste and smell was comming back lastnight when i ate slowly i was able to taste and smell a bit more..But what can i have what is this??? Any ideas?? Plz reply!!!!
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After all this time i cannot believe no one ******* cared to help me!! I will delete my account here now!!!
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However i did go and see a normal doctor about this he examined my throat and mouth very well and told me he saw no signs of oral cancer at this time. But said i had a nasty tonsilitise. My left tonsil is now larger right one is ok and i still get sore throats very often. I will c a doctor again if i need to!
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It sounds like a viral infection
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