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Throat cancer?

I am a 56 (57 in July 2018) female. I was a smoker from the age of 17 to 43. I quit at the age of 43. I have had a deep husky voice for many years now, probably due to smoking and having GERD really bad in the past.I have noticed on/off for several years that I get a sharp buzzing pain on the left side of my head in the throat area. It happens once in a great while where I will be fine one minute and then all of a sudden I get this sharp buzzing pain, then after a few seconds it goes away. I have only had this about 1-2x every 6months-1year but when it comes it is really painful and scares me. No other symptoms. no cough, no weight loss, no headaches, nothing, just this ominous sharp pain that comes every so often. Do you think this is a sign of cancer? I have always worried that it might be but because it comes so infrequently, I usually forget about it. Thought maybe when it reoccurs it is a sign. Thoughts?
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