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Throat pain left side in the neck n ear pain

10 days before I got sharp pain in my neck and later on I always feel there something stuck in my throat and later on pain in righ side of the neck and now having ear pain with it ...I checked up with doctor he has given me some medicine and said take medicine and show me after 10 days if again same problem then we need to do sonography.... Can this be throat cancer i smoke and now I quit ....
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.  So, there are many things that can make your throat hurt and almost all are unrelated to cancer. I'm not really sure about your doctor's plan of action. Sore and painful throats are a common thing to occur. He gave you antibiotics? That's the type of medicine you had?
These are common causes of throat pain:
Viral infections, such as the flu, cold, croup, mononucleosis, measles, and chickenpox.
Bacterial infections, such as strep throat or tonsillitis, which can cause severe pain and difficulty swallowing.
Sinus or nasal passageway infections, which can cause postnasal drip and irritation of the throat.
Allergies, which can trigger inflammation and mucus production in the throat.
Acid reflux, which can bring stomach acid up into the throat and cause burning and inflammation.
Irritation, such as from dry air, smoking, pollution, or excessive shouting.
Laryngitis, which is inflammation of the voice box due to overuse or infection.
Surgery and post-intubation, which can damage the throat tissues and cause pain.

Why are they suggesting sonography? I would ask that. I would ask what they are looking for. Throat cancer, I presume. That's very uncommon. But am wondering if your doctor agrees that is a suspicion or if you feel that way on your own? Here is info on throat cancer. https://www.medicinenet.com/larynx_cancer/article.htm

Remember though, it's rare. And symptoms listed for many cancers are actually common things we have that you rule out first.
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Thanks...for the response as I was very much upset....
You're welcome. Come back and follow up with us for what happens with your doctor. Stay well!
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Can anyone please help???
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