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Tongue Cancer , Chemo and Radiation

Hello. I need help regarding some questions.

Last Month, my aunt was diagnosed to have Squamous Cell Carcinoma Stage II. When she visited an oncologist, she asked for the best treatment available. The onco gave her 2 options:

1 ) 1/3 of her tongue will be removed, NGT, drugs . . .
2 ) combination of chemo and radiation plus PEG insertion

she chose number option 2.

My questions are:

1 ) is there any other option that is also effective that does not require PEG insertion considering she is at Stage II?
2 ) are there available oral chemo drugs for her case?
3 ) her age is 71 years old and she has also been recently diagnosed to have early stage Parkinson's dse. Is it ok for her to go on chemo and radiation?
4 ) she has a heart enlargement but the physician told her that it's not that serious for her not to go on chemo and radiation.
5 ) In your own opinion, what should be best for her case?

thank you very much for your help.

God Bless.
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