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Tumor in back

Hi All

I am sure this has been covered many times - but here we go again

i have to go into hospital soon to have a operation,.  i have a tumor on my back -between my spine & my lung, its 6cm in width and 2 in lenght and 2 in depth - .
i will be knocked to have this removed and the surgeon said he will have to go in through my ribs to get this out and will have to force my ribs open to get in at it - he said i will be in a lot of pain afterwards.

i am so scared - i have never stayed over night in hospital before ( i will be in for at least a week) i have never been kocked out, i have never had a operation - and i am so scared of everything - i keep thinking what if i wake up half way through and can feel what they are doing - what if i dont wake up at all!  i have so much stuff going on in my head and am crying all the time because i as so so worried.

i cant talk to anyone about this - has any1 had this or a similar operation - ?

would love any advice anyone could give me.

1 am 32 and female
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