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Vegan mom refuses to treat her (2nd) breast tumor

My mom had a breast cancer in 2005 and it was successfully treated using surgery and chemotherapy.

After that she became a vegan and started refusing any and all traditional medicine. This means no doctors, no hospital, no pharmacy drugs.

Now she told me that she feels the cancer is coming back, and this time she won't seek any treatment (or even diagnostic) because it's against her principles. I am really sure that she is serious about this and won't change her mind.

She is now 49 years old. Assuming that she really has a developing breast cancer, I have a few questions:

1- How long will she probably live (untreated)?
2- Is there anything she could do to delay it without using the traditional medicine?
3- In the worst scenario, how much she will suffer because of this? I mean like will this be a quick death or a painful slow (months/years) incapacitating development of the cancer?
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How is your mom? There are many factors to consider in answering the prognosis or outlook of your mom's condition such as the type and stage of breast cancer she had, her medical history, age and symptoms present. Indeed, definite diagnosis is important in this aspect with proper clinical evaluation and diagnostic tests. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Well, she refuses everything that is related to traditional medicine, so I'll try to describe the situation a little more without a proper medical evaluation.

The first and last time she had a node, the doctor told her that urgent surgery was required, and so she did. From this I guess that in the first time it was in a dangerous stage.

She is 49 years old, and she refuses to talk about symptoms. All she says is that she believes she has another growing node. This might be just her mind but I have to consider that she may be right as well.

Right now she is not showing any signs of disease, apparently it doesn't hurt nor prevents her from her daily activities, such as running in the mornings.

My question is about the worst possibilities. If she has a growing node, how long she will probably survive (untreated) and how incapacitating this cancer can get.

Thanks a lot for your concern and advice.
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