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Was just daigonsed with HPV P16 Cancer of the Tonsils, (one) and (one) lymph node

I’m 57, just had a tonsillectomy. One tonsils and one lymph node in my neck was P16 the HPV cancer. My pet scan last week showed no cancer els where in my body. The surgery from the tonsillectomy’s was a B——— Recovery. I meet the oncologist board on the 14th. Is this cancer curable?
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Hello, welcome to MedHelp.  We are so happy to read that your pet scan last week was clear!  We do hope that it will always remain so.  The prognosis for this type of cancer is actually very good for long term survival. Continue to have your checks to make sure it has not returned.  Here is an article that you will find a good read: https://consultqd.clevelandclinic.org/recurrence-survival-new-implications-hpv-positive-oropharyngeal-cancer/  

However, one thing to note is to make sure that you and your doctor are vigilant about checking for "distant" metastasis (not close to the origin) at the two year point. Evidence doesn't point to pet scans three to five years being necessary yet, however, that may end up being the direction surveillance goes with this type of cancer.  

Again, we are very happy you are in remission. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
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I still have to do 6 weeks of radiation and Chemo. How fast does this cancer grow. It’s been 44 days since my surgery and I’m starting treatment within 30 days of this message. Thank you for your help.
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Again, we are very sorry that you are undergoing this situation and stress from it!  Your doctor is going to be the best person to get information for your particular situation. This is not known as a very fast growing cancer if that is your question.  You've had a tonsillectomy so please remember that this is the first phase of ridding yourself of cancer. Please let us know how things go on the 14th with the cancer board.  We'll be thinking of you and wish you the best.
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