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What does this mean in laymen's terms?

Exam: PET/CT

Clinical History: Tongue carcinoma, restaging

Technical Note: Examination performed after 572MBq F18-glucose. 3-D acquisition performed from the skull base to mid thigh. Helical CT performed in the same distribution for anatomic correlation and attenuation correction.

Findings: There is no evidence of pathologic uptake seen in the surgical bed from prior tongue resection. Postoperative changes on the left are seen on CT. There is focal increased activity seen in posterior strap muscle, which was present on the 12/09/08 exam, but is more focally glycolytic on today's studies. The distribution of radionuclide is otherwise physiologic. No lung parenchymal abnormalities are identified on PET. Emphysematous changes are seen on CT. Feeding tube is present with its tip in the region of the gastric antra.

Impression: No evidence of local recurrence in neoplasm. Postoperative changes are present as mentioned. There is slight increased glucose uptake in posterior right sternocleidomastoid. While this is likely asymmetric muscle uptake, it is slightly more prominent than on prior exam and clinical correlation and if indicated, CT postcontrast is recommended to ensure there is not a subjacent node. There continues to be no evidence of disease outside the head and neck.
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This PET CT report shows normal uptake in the body, indicating that after the surgery on the tongue, the cancer has not recurred there, nor spread to other parts like lymph nodes, lung, etc.
There is some increased activity in a muscle on the right side of the neck, it does not exhibit any classic signs of cancer. You may like to discuss this specific point with your treating doctor.
Overall, a good report!
All the best, and God Bless!
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