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What is this hard lump 2 inches above my collarbone?

I play sax.  I have been really playing a lot more lately because we are getting ready to record.  My wife massages my shoulders and neck all of the time and I even went and had a professional massage 2 weeks ago.  

Yesterday my wife came and started massaging my shoulders and she felt a hard lump on the lower left side of my neck about 2 inches above my collarbone.  It is something that would have been noticed by her before, not to mention the professional massage that I just had too.  It is extremely painful!!  Once she touched it, it suddenly bothers me a lot.  I cannot strain myself or even talk in a loud voice because the pain from this little lump is so strong.  I have lipomas throughout my body, and this does not feel very soft or mobile.  

I am waiting for my insurance to kick in, but until then, can anyone help me out?  Can this be something serious?  Or did I injure myself while straining myself playing the sax?  

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!!
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hi i dont know if you have gotten any help yet  with your problem but i have something similar...ther is a rock hard lump my doc thinks lymph node in my neck about 3 inches up from my collar bone it has been there for about a month it doesnt move one bit and has slowly grown over the month going for a ctscan next week if not gone...i too found mine from massaging my neck....i know that something rock hard and not moveable is definatley suspicious in nature...i have had fevers on offf since november but no other symptoms except feeling generally unwell since then too...are you having symptoms atl all?  as soon as you can i would see a doctor let us know how you make out....i would say dont worry but i know it is hard not too im worried too....good luck
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